Ask @sabamukhtar7222:

Why i wasted so much of time on him..idk..but now when he is gone..i cant frget hurts..i knew tht smday this would happen....its like k jab se aadat lgi us ki....sec pass lke i k its nt rgt...i hve to cntrl its difficult...i k this has to happen thn y i let hm in my lif

log khtay Hein k Zindagi kisi k janay say tham nhi jati
You know what ak darwaza jab aap k peechay band hota hy tou apko ak orr raasta milta hay...phr ya tou aap usi chokhat pay bethay raho ya us naey raastay ko taskheer kro ye ap par hay...agr peechay murr k dekha tou pathar k ho jao gay
Namumkin kch nhi hta orr waqt guzartay dil ko karar aa hi jata hay
Stay blessed 💝

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Tell us something you did that you're ashamed of?

Sikander Raees
The most recent one I remember is of the time when I was in first year 2015/16... I behave extra rudely with one of my college's friend and after that we have never spoken a single word with each other :(
Although that stuff started from her side but I was the one who overreacted at the moment :( now I (a sort of) regret that what if I say sorry to her for that at least today I'm not feeling that much disgusted 😖

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Which has more value: creativity or knowledge?

In practical terms, knowledge is the foundation of creativity yet without creativity, knowledge can never be so demanding. The world is evolving on the daily basis. You cannot stick to what you have learnt, you have to define some unique/creative perspective of the product, to survive and grow in the industry.
Knowledge is basically what you have learnt and creativity is implementation of that in a new, unique yet functional/productive way...

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