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محفل خاموش ہے آج. ٹوٹے ہوۓ لوگ کہاں ہیں

just_stranger_’s Profile Photoم
خاموش محفل کے تماشے نہ دیکھوں
اقصر ان کی گونج دیواریں ہلا دیتی یے
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Its hard for you to share your feelings with other people Keeping your feelings wrapped up inside may bring some negative consequence when you can't hold it in any longer You may burst out at the wrong person

ShahtajRani007’s Profile PhotoShahtaj_Rani
Well you got the point there but what if you share it with the wrong person what will happen afterwards
Ehsaas APNA hi jazbat ka hota hn dosro ka jazbat mehaz metti ka khalona samajhti hn ya dunya
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What should I do ,I am confused in between chosing Computer science and CA ? I am attracted towards CS but think that quitting CA would be a mistake,am confused can anyone help

Quiting CA is depend upon how much you have spend in this
CS is better option. Tbh
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