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Is it too late to make new friends this year?

AskKeishaJ’s Profile PhotoKJay
nah all it takes to make a friend is one good connection and the want to make more connections, right?

Tomorrow is my Birthday I turn 55 and I have nothing really to show for it marriage work kids stay home mom. Who else is 55 and what are you doing in your lives right now? I had my midlife crisis when I was 35.

sunflowersz’s Profile Photosunflowersz
I'm 40, nearly 41 in Jan. I make and sell art, am disabled, am married. No kids. three cats and a bird. I mean, life is what you make of it right? I feel like I'm doing pretty good.

can we normalize not loving family members?

I mean, make it so. It's MY normal, it's your normal than we're normalizing it.

Is it outdated to list on a piece of paper the stuff you need when you go grocery shopping instead of doing it on your phone?

probably but I still use paper and pen

Does lentil soup sound really good right now or what

so- ask is sending out old shoutouts over and over again right now for some reason- and I just got this shoutout, from my old account. I sent it out like 3 weeks ago. And you know what? I made some lentil soup the next day. and it was good.


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