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Are you ever scared to spend your life alone?

No ive really got pretty use to it . Do I Want to no but I don't have a problem with it . I'm going to be happy one way or another I refuse to be miserable

would you rather be rich with no friends or poor and popular?

Well im already poor with no friends so yeah at least the money could keep me entertained

What do you consider when making friends

Truthful and I look at there character around other people . It's not hard to see the good hearted people there's just not as many around anymore

biden is a traitor

He's a puppet Obama is the trader the one pulling the strings I mean Biden probably has problems putting He's pants on He's just a idiot

Do you like your little brother and your little sister

I love my brother yes do I like some of his decisions no but I forgive him and he doesn't even have to ask. I will always be my brothers keeper 💯

Person A says they want to see person B. Person B wants to see person A too! Person A never actually shows up or responds to making plans. Person B thinks that person A doesn’t really want to see Person B. Person B keeps trying to see Person A tho. Person A still doesn’t. Y say u do when u don’t?

If you say you're going to show up an don't I think you would be playing games an just trying to get back in my head to toy with me twist me chew me up and spit me out. Sorry that person is not who I am anymore the people I let toy with me I know and let them just to see one day someone will surprise the shit out of me and unlimited possibilities

How do you ask someone out on a date?

Just ask everyone has to eat an whats the worst thing they say no at least you know so just ask

Hallooo! 🤪 I can't decide, can you help me choose? I made two wishes. Which one will come true first?

Neither if you don't change the way you act you will lose the one you need first and the one you thought you needed later down the road 💯


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