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Wenn dein Ehepartner betrügt, erwischt wird, sich entschuldigt und verspricht, nie wieder zu betrügen, gibst du ihm dann noch eine Chance?

Eine Person die Fremdgeht hatte x-Möglichkeiten, ''nein'' zu sagen. Betrug ist nicht nur Vxgeln oder Rummachen, sondern es fängt schon dann an, wenn man heimlich schreibt oder sich heimlich trifft. Diese Person schexßt also nicht nur einmal auf dich, sondern dauerhaft. Somit nein, sowas verzeihe ich nicht. Das habe ich einmal getan und wurde direkt nochmal veraxscht.

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Hypothetically speaking would you say you're capable of murder?

The media does indeed sensationalize the condition to the point where every psychopath is portrayed as a killer.
That's fine, but it's as relevant as any fairy story.
I'm not a killer, although murder is always on the menu of options as a solution to any particular problem. But even someone like me knows that that is an extreme solution - like suicide. It ends the problem, but planning is endless and the consequences are a pain.
The thing is though, each person with ASPD is probably gonna give you different answers. It's a spectrum and each experiences it in their own way just like with any other mental health issue.

Do the people around you know about the aspd thing?

I'm an expert in faking being an extrovert, when in reality I couldn't care less for social interaction, unless there is a purpose that will add value either to my own or those I care about.
A few close people know about my disorder.
I've personally found that if I tell them before they notice something is a little off, they handle it better. It tends to dispel this myth that everyone in our lives are only a play thing and we are just manipulating everything.

So you're trelling me you don't have any emotions.. last time I've checked you had a partner...

I do have people that I love.
Like I heard this author say: ''Don't be a love snob. Just because I don't experience love the same way that you do doesn't mean it's not real to me''.
And while yes, I can be extremely manipulative because I don't get wound up in emotions like everyone else and know how to easily use those to get someone in the direction I want them. It doesn't mean that I am doing it all of the time. And in fact feeling emotions less than others can also hinder me to grow attached to them.
In terms of romantic relations, I personally have only had long term relationships. I stick to my moral code, and it's much better to control my impulses. Sxx is like a high for me, it's the one time that I can feel everything fully and because of that I've decided to only share it with people that I love.
Since I can't feel as strongly normally I figure those emotions be kept for the one I am in a relationship with. That being said I've only been in love with one woman, thouh I have tried to love others. No one has presented me with enough challenges to keep me from getting bored and straying, or leaving all together, expect her.
Boredom is extemely easy to come by in my experience and if a partner can't keep me on my toes it doesn't work out.
I will start to push and do things on purpose to upset them, to just feel something. And once that has happened one too many times with forgiveness I lose all respect for that person.
Once my respect is gone, we are pretty much over.
You aren't gonna get it back.

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Empathy is a foreign word for you, hm?

I don't think empathy is necessary to make positive improvements in society. I think it just makes me unbiased and logical. I think people probably like me, because I see people regularly. It's hard to tell though.
I don't know why someone would ask to be around me if they didn't want to be around me.
In my case I can draw expected empathetic responses from prevous social interactions. It's pretty easy too, because people are very predictable at their core and are very needy.
I will normally let the other person divulge as much information as I can take in to formulate and engineer an interaction. It's not always for self-gain. Sometimes it may be assisting in the removal of ones ego, or driving a conversation down a more logical less emotional path.

What does your family think about it?

To tell family or parners the truth would crush them - to know you enjoy them but if they just popped out existence you' probably got make a coffee and carry on with your life without shedding a tear. Unless the guilt of not caring breaks you and you cry for that reasons but not for the love (or someone is watching so the act of caring must go on- or what will they think of you?!)
Interaction with family and friends is a matter of imitation of what those relationships should look like in order to deliver results. Duty and commitment are fantastic surrogates for love and loyalty. They look the same and can even be better, as duty and commitment can be demonstrated (driving granny to the store for shopping every week) whereas love and loyalty are things that have to be felt. I can't feel them, but I know what they look like.

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Where's your moral?

Is pretending to care when you don't moral?
Is telling others you don't care if they die more moral?
Neither are good options.
It's damned if you do or damned if you don't.
Instead the grand act goes on - pretend to be like everyone else or face up to being very slightly different and effectively be labelled as a serial killer mass murdering sadist, because you are care-free, truly independent and capable of anything.


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