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Since men aren't mind readers and many women want some men to know the magical first few words as an ice breaker when first introduced, what are some of the greatest openers that you've heard that really got your attention?

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"Will you walk me home?" After I started to laugh he said, "I'm as serious as a heart attack, I'm scared." We became fast friends, and he walked me home because it was about 11 'o clock at night.
This post has red flags all over it. Get your head right and for the love of God stay away from any kind of relationship until you're able to understand why your post is so toxic
I dont think women want men to speak some magic words lol
But to speak anything that sparks a conversation they can be invested in, which varies from person to person o3o
Personally, my current bf e-stalked me for a week before trying to speak to me xD he said (after looking at my cute China town bunny bag) "shot in the dark but I take it you like anime."
And I was just like "oH THE PRETRY HAIR MAN SPEAK 2 ME"
so ya know, hook. Line.
Sink herrrr💗

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