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Tbh- you are really clumsy but that's ok because everything else about you it's just freaking person! Your bubbly personality and ridiculously funny comments make my day :) <3

darygm’s Profile PhotoDary Gm
haha thanks , im not that clumsy though

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Tbh-- you're really funny. Some of the things you say tho. Haha to good. You're gorgeous and fun to hangout with. Drinking with you is fun to from the few times we've drank together aha :) we don't talk often but you're really sweet!

Shyvonne Tyler ✌️
Thanks ! Yeah we should

Tbh; i havent ever talked to you but youre really beautiful and its funny when you bring ms. depretto food because everyone always tells her not to eat it cause she'll die. Hahah But it looks pretty good! Haha you seem like a really cool girl and nice to be around though. We should talk sometime!

Heyitsdaylon’s Profile PhotoDaylon Legros
Next time im in there ill bring you some food , it won't kill you i promise
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Tbh; working with you was really fun this summer , we found all the foreign hotties that went through town. You made working enjoyable :p You're super fun to hangout with, & you have a great personality. Your hair is like perfect, as is your face and everything.

Thanks jas we gotta hangout soon !

Tbh I've only talked to you a couple of times but you've made me laugh when I have talked to you and i want all of your clothes, especially those whale slippers you wore on the first day of school ;)

Hahaha they're actually Mallorys but we can all share
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tbh: rimmy even though I will never understand all your boy drama and you get mad at me for talking about video games in public hahah , you're still the coolest. you're kinda ditzy sometimes but I know your intentions are always true and that you're a good friend :) ps. I have your wallet&keys hahah

Boys suck , thats my boy drama. Hah but thanks horny thorny

tobehonest: fuck you.. trolol i hate you and your stupid fucking pickles

You love me and my pickles . Especially when i ask for them at drive thru.

Tbh, your probably the clumsiest person I know other then Danae! You probably should stick to the quads and not the kitchen! Your really pretty and really fun to party with!

Haha who is this

Tbh romy god daymn ur hot lol! Ur a pretty funny person! Always nice talking to u! U got a good personality! We should talk more tho!!:)

Haha thanks vikram


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