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Umm any tips for surviving high school?

>Don't slack off because you think you don't need to try yet. Always try ur best in ur academics and try to engage in other activities too.
>Don't be swayed by what ur schoolmates might think you should act like, act as who u are and even if u lose friends because of it there will always be real friends out there that love u for u.
> Most importantly have fun, ur only a highschooler for a short time. 😇

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If you saw your best friend in a position where they couldn’t move would you help them out or would you tickle the heck out of them first

I'd probably do the tickles 🤣

You are given the ability to see what happens after death but if you tell someone, you and they die, you taking it?

I don't know
I will take it bcuz i've always been curious and since i've been givem the chance i won't let it go to waste. I'm good at keeping my mouth shut too.

My ex didn't block me and it's been 4 months since he answered quickly, should I ask him if he wants to be my friend?

If you really wanna be friends with him then yh sure go for it but if ur only doing out of guilt for some reason then don't.

How do I tell apart twins

Pay attention to little details like if one's face is slimmer than the other or onehas freckles while the other doesn't or one's eyelashes ar longer than the other etc. But yhh u get the jist

Kill 10 people without getting caught Or Save 10 people without getting hurt

Kill 10 people without getting caught. 😌 Bcuz it gives me a free ticket to remove some annoyances from my life without having to worry about going to jail for itand technically they are bad people anyways.🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

so i’m 16 and i got pulled over and got a 25 dollar ticket for no turn signal should i tell my parents or no

I meann as long as it's paid it may not be necessary to telll buttt then again keeping secrets like that aren't fun soooo idk i'm no help💀😭

What’s your favorite anime

Haikyuu. It was the first anime I watched and the only one that i can watch over more than once😋

Is it normal I’m 23 and still virgin

Yeahhh very normal. I mean its not a requirement to loose ur vcard soooo totally normal


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