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My best friend keeps coming back to me and she keeps using me time and time again. She does tricks for me to keep saying yes to her and she pressures me. She can’t see what she keeps doing is wrong.

That’s not someone who I would even refer to as a best friend. Through your hard times you realise who is truly your friend. It’s best to remove those who cause you harm from your life

I ask my boyfriend what he wants to do on Valentine’s Day and he said this “God I forgot about valentine's day not going to lie I am not a big fan of it massive scam and rip off tbh”

lol ok
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Are you grateful

All the time. I am truly blessed with everything Allah has given me.
My heart and prayers go out to Palestine where blatant genocide is taking place while the world and governments sit by justifying the horrific crimes committed daily by Israel 🥺


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