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Deleting this app now I'm done wasting my time and moving on with my life I wish you no bad I hope you get things worked out and figure it out but I got nothing for you anymore I don't ever want to see you again I'll never forget you but it's over seriously

Sorry you are going through this

What is your favorite movie?

mayaembers1’s Profile Photoxoxoxo
Nerd alert!!!!
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
Great movie about change, revenge, sacrifice...great music too.

I feel like my boyfriend/fiancé is pushing me away. He barely wanna hang out with me. He always on his phone or playing video games or watching tv and he up all night. I can’t even sleep like i use too anymore. Idk what to do or say to him to not hurt his feelings. He always facing his phone down.

simonespooner’s Profile PhotoSimone
He may be into someone else or getting tempted. What can you do differently? How is the intimacy? How can you see of its worth saving?

If your ex texted you “I love you, I want you back. “ what would be your reply?

zxerces_’s Profile Photokat
My reply would be let's talk. See how each of us has improved

I’m sorry I failed you and hurt you I’m sorry I couldn’t Be enough for you I’m sorry I couldn’t make you happy I’m glad you’re happy now with whoever she is

You failed me? Well. If you have I forgive you and we can begin anew


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