If you’re of drinking age, how often do you drink?

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I'm of the drinking age, I just choose not to do it. I had seen what it does to a person's life, and I take that information in, and from a young age I chose not to do it because I do not want to see myself as a monster by drinking and ruining my life. There were 2 people. 2 kids with parents who drink, 1 child grows up to be an alcoholic like their parents because he/she's hurt from his/her past, following in their parents footprints. The other child grows up and chooses not to drink at all from seeing what it did to their parents. Yes, he's/Shes hurt from the past lives they had, but chooses better and breaks the cycle of drug abuse.
Which will you learn from?

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Not often, honestly! Maybe a few times a year. I’ll only have a drink on an occasion, like a holiday or at an event. But, even when I do drink, I barely ever have more than one beverage, so it’s not like I ever really get drunk or even tipsy.
Despite really enjoying the taste of alcohol, I can’t drink a whole lot anyway with the medications I take. Plus, addiction and alcoholism runs in my family, so it’s just in my best interest to not partake much.
If youre of drinking age how often do you drink
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