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Do you believe people are mostly good or mostly bad?

Mostly bad I don't care for humanity much and nothing will ever get me to care about humanity

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What was your favorite gift you received for Christmas?

DopeBabeAna’s Profile Photoask me (:
Well my sister sent a pic of me to this company called Animefy me and they drew me as a Dragon Ball Z character for Christmas so id pick it as my fav gift

You take a woman or men out on a date and they on there phones the whole time what you doing?

QueenOfQuestions87’s Profile PhotoSusie.S
Probably walk out because that'd be very disrespectful and rude

where are you a most famous person on tiktok or instagram?

Lol I have only a bit over 2000 followers on Insta and a bit over 2000 followers on tik tok

Xbox or PlayStation?

Well I play on PS5 so playstation but both consoles have their ups and downs I'm not one to care for console wars I say play on whatever you enjoy

On a scale 1-10 how good of a cook are you?

I'd say 8 or 9 cuz I'm not perfect but people tend to really enjoy the food I cook

Are you mad at Biden ?

Idk I voted for him but he's just too old we need someone younger in the white house cuz I believe the minimum age is 35.


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