Do you think being an atheist makes one stronger, weaker or that it doesn’t effect their inner strength and will to live?

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I don’t think religion effects someone’s health (mentally physically emotionally)if that is your faith/belief and if you believe in it wholeheartedly and follow it then you shouldn’t have issues but science still exists your mental health will be impacted by stuff physical etc
not inherently, but the ability to question and challenge everything without religious ideologies in the way of forming a grounded and unbiased opinion is important especially rn w/ the way society & social media is shifting backwards into bs puritan ideologies n masking it as “spirituality” which is really, really scary
I think it makes your moral character stronger because you don't believe in instant redemption just because you ask for forgiveness. No, instead you face the consequences of your actions and atone as best you can.
Doubting the existence of gods, and more importantly....questioning organized just exercising free will.
It might bring strength of character and show conviction to take a clear stance on either side of the issue.
But questioning anything and everything is healthy, as long as it doesn't consume the entire existence of a person.
There is weakness in the desperate need to believe...whether out of hope for reward, or as a crutch...just as many find strength in it.
Anything can be spun in a negative direction.
If the Christian god exists right
The one that’s like be tidy tuck your linens in seven deadly sins give generously and have faith Adam and Eve
F*ck that god if I’m believing in a god that hates me fck it I’m k*lling god (joke)
The world isn’t explainable
Having blind faith doesn’t help anything, it just gives a fake idea that it does and it actually makes me a worse person/unhappy to think about if I did
Being loved conditionally is what makes us grow as people, rise past expectations
Believing that there’s a god out there that loves us unconditionally keeps us from growth
God loves ME unconditionally
“Me” as in “I” as in “self” as in “ego” which doesn’t exist besides in the mind and isn’t real
STRAIGHT UP No one is born inherently AS anything, that’s ego logic (not real)
It takes practice hard work
Material assets friends family to “be(become)” someone or something
Any time we grow it’s because of an outside force acting upon us
** there are CERTAIN things we are born with
I.e the brain of a someone with perfect hearing, perfect vision, someone who’s blind or deaf, male And female brains are hardwired, tall vs short locked in EMBRYO that’s why trans = LITERAL SCIENCE
…skill level physique talents personal habits :nurture
The world around us, how we’ve been raised, the time we haveto/choose spend on certain things v others
Someone with a “natural” high metabolism ate lots of small meals as a child
Someone with style watched a lot of fashion videos spent a lot of time
Someone talented at soccer put time AND had/has a family support network/coach/the resources to be fully present with that specific skill

Straight up I don’t believe in god, it’s limiting to people who haven’t been given a fair chance ppl who live in poverty ppl who had absent parents ppl who weren’t taught correct things in elementary school ppl who whatever.
The entire thing is degrading and works fine because it keeps uplifting ppl who benefit from not being able to see their own privilege by blaming it on god

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