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Do you agree that good things come to those who wait?

Yes i do cuz if u rush into things u probably wont like the result most of the time but if u wait it out ur more likely to get the result ur looking for, but also dont wait too long or you could miss the opportunity

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what's the worst job you've ever worked

My first job which was at a local pizza place called Happy Joes. The work was ok but it was very hot and crowded and loud and they wouldnt work with my school schedule so i had to quit (i was going into my junior year of high school at this point)

What condiments do you have in your fridge right now?

ugottafriend’s Profile PhotoKB
Got some ketchup, mustard, mayo, soy sauce, steak sauce, and i think a few others

Gym routine? (I usually start with some cardio and follow it up with lifting.)

Unfortunately i dont have a gym routine rn

What do you think about getting Corona beer decrease 30% of sales thanks to CoronaVirus ?

I think thats funny, weird, and ironic all at once cuz whos heard of a deal going on cuz of an illness?

If you were stuck on an island and only could have one person with you, who would you choose? Why?✌

One of my friends cuz they are the best person in my life honestly

Should you buy a motorcycle first and learn how to ride then get license? Or Get license first then buy the bike? But then how do you learn to ride it, idk how it works

Actually there are motorcycle driving classes u can take to learn how to ride one first. Its pretty much drivers ed but with motorcycles
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Tell about the most exotic food you have eaten!

That would probably be sushi cuz its purely raw fish and i didnt think any raw meat or seafood was edible anymore

what's one thing you want most right now

For my friend to continue to have a happy life and for them to achieve their dreams!

¿Te imaginas que un día te estás comiendo un pedazo de pizza y un escuincle llorón te pide y le tienes que dar porque el chamaco es tu hijo?

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Sorry i only understand English

If you could live in a video game as your character that you create what video game would you want to live in ? Mine is Skyrim

Id either do a sport or GTA 5
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What's your plan this weekend?

Not sure yet i gotta work Saturday morning but as of rn i dont have any fun plans lol

What would be harder for you, to tell someone you love them or that you donot love them back? ?

For me it would be to tell em i dont love em back cuz i dont mind taking the pain of someone rejecting me but i really dont like rejecting someone myself


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