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Do you think love fades away?

Yea love does fade away only on the relationship between Your love..
• It all fades away in the end.
• Feelings that fade were never real.
• When it real, it doesn't fade away.
• It's sad when someone you know becomes someone you knew.
• What hurt more than losing that person is knowing that you're not fighting to keep it..

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I have a problem... I think I'm in love with two different people and I don't know who to choose. One of them I had liked but those feeling faded and are now resurfacing. The other I have liked for years. Please help.. I'm feeling so confused and it is stressing me out tbh.

If you love two different people is like a love affair.
For the best if you like the one for years,
You can ask her/him if they like you back.
You can choose who you love for a long time, that person has to feel the same love from you.

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Are girls more dramatic than boys?

Highskylight’s Profile PhotoSunan Lee
Being a girl is stressful and hard sometimes.: Some girls might be mean or dramatic because of the pressure they face.
Try to put yourself in other girls’ shoes sometimes. Most of the time, girls aren’t mean just for fun – they’re mean because of some struggles they might be dealing with.
It implies that being a boy is better than being a girl.: One of the guys” or a “tomboy” instead of just being a girl with a cool personality.
What’s up with that?.

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How much time does it take to forget someone you love?

Luroshi86’s Profile PhotoLeckLekoluro
You will never forget that person because the truth is, part of you has never really wanted to..
It’s hard to let go because they saw you in a way that you love most to be seen and it’s only them who could bring that part out from you while accepting you for all what you are..


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