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Do you like crisp sandwiches? Is it a UK thing or is it a thing near you?🤣🤣 I still have never tried one just makes no sense 😆😆 (Btw to not receive questions you have to block the person otherwise it won't work if I do it as you'd still receive the shoutouts)

They're fantastic. Bit of marg and off you go!
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What are you watching on Netflix atm? (Or similar streaming service)

asbeckyis’s Profile Photobecky
I just finished watching this week's episode of Demon Slater on crunchyroll and it was fucking amazing! On Netflix I think I'm watching Locke & Key.

You are in a room with no doors or windows, on the table is jackhammer and a mallet, how would you break out? XLPX

KrisKnowles’s Profile PhotoXLPX
Climb out of the top? There's plenty of holes in your question! Must be a skylight if you can see there's a mallet, a jackhammer and a table.
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What would you do if you found out you had been cheated on?

Depends on the situation. I've had it happen before, but it was partly my fault for not addressing the situation in the relationship at the time. If it was just random unfaithfulness, dump their arse.

My boyfriend never lets me spend time with my mum and I see him every week after work, why is he doing this to me?

Possessive and jealous.

Have you ever donated to charity?

Shannon678900’s Profile PhotoShannon
Donated to the PDSA all the time when I went there. I donate there via amazon smile. I play several lotteries that donate to charity.

What is your opinion on OnlyFans content creators?

Not my thing, but I can understand why they do it. Easy money from simps. If I were an attractive female, I'd totally make use of my looks.


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