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Bannock and soup

Mmmmmm yes please, sighs beeennnnnn so long since I had good home made Bannock miss it dearly.

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Did you ever go to Taco Bell?

zapperunechainedetv’s Profile PhotoHan Solo
Nope, not a place that i trust to have safe food options. To much risk of cross contamination. Also to bleeping costly, 4 beef for 8.00 sorry I can make the same at home for wayyyyyy less n make sure its safe to eat to boot.

Are you happy that trump lost?

Personally yes am glad to see him louse, but how the states is run it still isn't the best country for what it could offer its population when it comes to Healthcare and other rights and freedoms.

Which book has made you laugh aloud?

To many
Can't think of one off the top of my head as all have had me smiling or something as I've read through them at one point or another.

How do you spend your days during the quarantine?

Walk the dogs
Make coffee
Watch tv/play minecraft
Walk dogs again
Make food/eat
Watch tv/play minecraft
Walk dogs

Be the faithful friend whom others seek👍

qw112863’s Profile PhotoMoE
If I call someone a friend I'm invested in them and being there for them as needed and able to be so.

What makes you roll your eyes every time you hear it?

When I hear someone say "there a dog in the store!" Like hello yes there is a service dog in the store, bow please leave us alone!

Are you camera shy or do you like having your photo taken?

itsmusawar’s Profile PhotoMusawar
I grew up in front of the camera being a model so I learned to dislike being before the camara and learned to prefer being behind it instead.
Now a days I'm back to bring on both sides for all I'm not as photo genic as I once was.

How often do you use public transport?

youcuntx’s Profile PhotoJ.
Past year 0 times in 2020 but in 2019 maybe a dozen times over the course of the entire year.

Do you decide quickly or do you think a long time?

itsmusawar’s Profile PhotoMusawar
I prefer to be able to think n research my options but I can make a split decision if needed.


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