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What’s a favourite folk tale of yours from your country, region, or city?

From the Countess Salamanka
Under the Goldeck, a mountain in Carinthia, stands the ruin Ortenburg, once the seat of a powerful race. After the destruction of Ortenburg, the owner of the castle, Count Georg, built this beautiful castle Porcia. He was the husband of a rather wicked woman, Katharina von Salamanka. From this marriage sprang Johann, the only son and heir of all goods, and the last rung of his race. While the count himself was good-natured and therefore very popular with the people, Salamanka and her son were very proud and domineering. At a festival Salamanka abused the people. The poor population of Spittal had gathered in the courtyard and asked the countess to give them the leftovers of the banquet. Salamanka, however, ordered the people to leave the yard immediately, and when they did not leave immediately, she unleashed their son's two dogs on the people. Everything fled in terror from the castle. Only one old man, the old corn of the market, could not follow the others. He was seized by the dogs and ended under her teeth. Dying, however, he shouted to the inhuman countess: "As I die now, John, your son, will once end."
A short time later, they heard that Spanish riders were staying in Villach. Since the count's family came from Spain, Johann decided to go to Villach and visit the strangers. Despite the warning of his mother, who had had an ominous dream, Johann had his horse saddled and set off in the company of his Danes on the way to Villach. Once there, Johann was suddenly approached on the main square by a Spanish knight. In the course of the speech, it turned out that this knight was the son of that old man, who had found such a horrible end by Johanns dogs. The knight had recognized Johann immediately, and since he had not seen his homeland and his father for many years, he was burning with longing to finally learn something about it. Of course, Johann concealed the fact and gave the knight a satisfactory answer. Delighted with this good news, the knight gave two dogs of noble race to the squire as gifts. He was very pleased about that because the Spanish dogs far outnumbered his. Satisfied, he stroked the precious animals. As a result, his dogs attacked their opponents. Johann wanted to separate the dogs with his whip, then all four of them rushed together and, before they could come to his aid, he was a corpse. The count died of a heart attack when he heard the sad news. Salamanka was now more violent than ever. She dismissed all servants and retreated completely into solitude. All she could think about was having to leave her treasures to strangers. In order to escape the treachery, she killed the mason with the help of her chambermaid who had locked them in the deep cellar vault. But this witness should die too; she slapped the slumbering girl with her weighty slipper and plunged her into the secret chamber. Salamanka's was found dead in the castle one day. But her spirit still wanders the halls of the castle.

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Well I think you have a delightful, mischievous, creative brain m'lady. =) speaking of which, it's been months, but I think I shall send you a few of our old random hypothetical creative writing questions here. =) coming up shortly for your amusement. =)

James Kent
Sure, but it might take a while till I answer them.

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+2 answers in: “Hello there Lady Pluviophile! How are you doing? Hope all is well. =). What types of questions are your favorite to answer?”

gut'daß ich Sie treffe Miss Pluvi. Was ich Sie immer schon fragen wollte; spielen Sie eigentlich auch ein Musik Instrument ? (elegant; ein Instrumong ) Ne Schalmei,...oder Flügel ? Ich meine; So ein hübsches Weib, da muss doch was LOSGEH'N ! am Piano.

Otto vom Lande
Guten Morgen Herr Otto =)
Kaffee ist schon fertig...
Ob ich ein Instrument spielen kann? Ich kann ganz gut mit einem Wurlitzer umgehen. Das wäre dann schon alles. Dafür kann ich einigermaßen gut singen. Oder brummen. Hab doch 'ne ziemlich tiefe Stimme.

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Du hast einen Umzugswagen für den Karneval zur Verfügung. Und vielleicht hast du ein paar Leute am Start. Wie und weshalb würdest du diesen Umzugswagen (mitsamt den Leuten) gestalten (lassen)? :) (btw: ich habe null Ahnung von Karnevalsumzügen geschweige denn von Sitten und Bräuchen diesbezüglich)

Ganz ehrlich? Mir geht der Karneval, Fasching oder wie auch immer du ihn nennen willst am A.... vorbei.

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Sie wünschen Sich sehnlichst ein Wohnmobil Miss Pluvi ? Ha haa..! Wir müssen verwandt sein. ich nämlich auch. Vorschlag; Sie kaufen das Teil und ich fahr Sie überall hin. Das wäre doch ein Super Deal...

Otto vom Lande
Gern Herr Otto.
Aaaaaaabeeeerrr... Ich möchte gern in den Norden, Skandinavien, Grönland und Kanada. Geht das in Ordnung? Dafür gibt es dann auch leckeres Essen, gekocht von moi. Irgendwelche besonderen Wünsche?

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