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I Just Want To Make Sure That When You Wake Up, You Know That Ive Been Thinking About You Alot Lately. Hope You Had A Good Sleep & A Wonderful Day!

Aww thats so sweet :) thank you :*
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Do you wear makeup? What kibd?

Nope, i only wear concealer on certain days, definitely not every day

If u sneeze, i wnt say bless u, cuz god already did

LMAOO OMG you're so funny i like your pickup lines

What's your idea of a perfect date?

Well me and the guy would have a romantic beach dinner at night and then we'd lay down on the sand, stare at the stars and talk about anything & everything :')

Whenever sumone says yasssss i always think of you idk why... Is that wierd??

Lmaoo no kinda haha i guess that makes sense

Id think ur out partying or sumthing.? Why r u home?

Haha partying? Im the biggest loser ever so i dont party. i do stay home and watch my 1000 shows though so yeah :)

What type of guy is he?

Hes the kind of guy that isnt the same around his friends as he is around you. Idk


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