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i like your face:) ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... its madd hottt doe and so is that cake and titayss;)

Lmaoo only one person who I would feel comfortable saying that to me. Krissssiiiittttinnnaaa<3

You're probably going to go to bed soon or you've already gone to bed, but I just want to tell you that you haven't left my mind today & ill dream about you. Goodnight beautiful and I hope you have a good sleep. I hope this makes your day. You deserve the best<3 :]

Aww thank you :* it did make my day<3 goodnight :)

i think the song i've had the time of my life was made for us. you're the one thing i cant get enough of. <3

Omg seriously i love that song<3

Whats a turn on for a guy?

Hmm, someone who can make me laugh. someone with a really sweet personality & someone who loves me for who i am & doesn't expect me to change :) <3

have you ever had a near death experience? if yes, tell me about it.

Yes i actually did. Well okay, so over the summer, my older brother was with his friends & he was drinking. Me, my mom & my little brother were in astoria & he wanted us to pick him up & so when we did, he wanted to drive. we didnt know he was drinking. so he drives & we're like 2 blocks away from my house & this guy turns when it was a red light & he crashes in to us. yeah worst car accident i've been in.

Yea but I feel like sumone tht has beauty like you, wudnt talk to sumone like me..

Oh my gosh, seriously, you flatter me. Just talk to me. if I knew who you were, I would talk to you myself. :)

I couldn't see ur boobs today. Thts a shame. I guess I'm gonna climb thru ur window & stare at u when u sleep. :$

O.O wtf is wrong with you?! I'm not sleeping tonight.... you're such a creep.

You're beautiful and don't let anyone say that you're not.

Thank you sweetheart<3 you have a beautiful personality & I'm sure you have a beautiful face :*

I want to come up to you in the hallway, but I don't know how to approach you. :/

Seriously, just come up to me & say hi I'm blah blah blah. & we'll talk from there. don't be scared :)

You shouuld come sleep with me. Not sexually. We can cuddle & we could watch the notebook & we'll eat a whole lot of junk food :) sound good?

I'm on my way :)

ummm there are creepers in love with you. TOTALLY HARAM. i'll beat them up for you bro!! dw!!

Blease do. I just want to make friendship with hairy indian man. Lmao


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