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Don't be mean 2 my kristina.

Um wtf? She's MY bestfriend. I can be mean to her all I want. Don't tell me how to treat my bestfriend.

What the hell is wrong with that anon? I think it's on dope. Seriously if that shit doesn't understand how beautiful you are, then that shit must be retarded. Just pretend that shit is actually a shit and you're flushing it down the toilet;)))

moomookhan’s Profile PhotoMou Khan
Lmao don't worry that shit didn't get under my skin. Not even a single bit. I am confident in myself & idc what anyone thinks of me. Adios mothafuckers :)
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Tell your anon friend that I'll have sex with him if he tells me who he is iiiiiiiiggggghhhtttt ;)))

Lmao i don't even know who he is. lmao im telling you, its the darkness that makes them come.
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Idk who was playing but whoever it was was very mean and a bitch.

moomookhan’s Profile PhotoMou Khan
i know. irdgaf what people say about me, but what they said to you was fucking rude as hell. they're probably just jealous of your flawlessness

Those assholes r just jealous. U're beautiful in everyway. Don't let anybdy tell u otherwise!

Thank you<3 their opinion doesn't really matter to me anyways.

i guess im not the only one who likes you. got 2 others. looks like i got sum competition. ;]

wow. i am satisfied with my 978347923 cats. thank you very much.

she's my princess, sugarplum, love & honey. back the hell off.

im not getting in the middle of this. i am not yours or the other guys. just saying

do u want me calling u princess? or shud i call u something else? like sugarplum, honey, love?

haha princess is fine. i don't even know who you are... you're kinda creeping me out
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u & momo can wonder all u want. u wont find out who i am.

well fyi, i'm not really concerned with who you are. take your time sweet pea.
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i want to meet ur parents so i cud thank them for giving birth to you. or in better words, answering my prayers (:

aww shuckss, you made me blush<3 thank you :*
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