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I can so imagine u & me dating for da rest of hs. No joke. If u wer my girl, I wud nvr cheat. Nvrr make u upset, bring u flowers evry day & make every kiss special. I wud treat u right & make sure u always feel gud about urself. Babe, we wud complete eachother. What do u say? Let's runaway together

That's so sweet<3 your grammer ruined it tho.. & if I knew who u are, I could consider you.....

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I'm good =] so r u less stressed now? Btw, ur the only one I've been thinking about 4 da past month or so. U're so gorgeous.

Yeah I'm not ass stressed anymore. & aww thanks <3

Aii lego. Wtf do those guys think u are? Your mine & dats it. Fuck off assholes.

Woah calm down. I'm not anyone's. I'm an independent black woman who don't need a mean to support her. Lmao jk but for real. I'm single & I'm not interested :)

R the other 2 guys all over u? Ima kick both their asses?

Um I guess. & wow okay idek who you or the other two are.

What would u do if we got married & I killed ur cousin? I sure wud luv to climb to ur bedroom & hve a little fun wit our clothes off ;)

I don't know... & cool. Too bad that only happens in your dreams.
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What's wrong princess? Why were u upset yestrdy? I was wondering y u wrnt in skool today.

I'm not comfortable with you calling me princess... & it was nothing, I was really stressed & so I decided to take the day off.

You have a beautiful personality. A beautiful flawless gorgeous face. And a perfect soul. Marry me?

Aww thank you so much<3 you made my night.

You're secret admirers aren't sending perv questions today PICK UP YO PACE NIGGGGAAS ;))

moomookhan’s Profile PhotoMou Khan
Thank god. I'm gonna link your facebook & ur tumblr to the next creeper that messages me. I might also include a phone number & an adress lmaoo
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I don't mind. as long as ill be spending that much time with you, i'll enjoy every bit of it.

So why don't you start by telling me something about you. like maybe hmm idk YOUR NAME!
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what the heck? if you tell them, you'd have to kill them?

Can you let me live my movie star moment. they always say that line in the movies, so i wanted to try it out myself. :)
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Tell me everything about you. you can go on for hours. i dont mind =]

aww it would take months for me to tell you about me. But if i tell you, i would have to kill you.

And yaaaanoe me and him I get the big stall js.

moomookhan’s Profile PhotoMou Khan
nope, i made a plan with the janitor that theyre gonna lock up the locker room so that me & him could light candles & have a nice long romantic night if you know what im sayin ;)
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That made no sense you're so stupid you silly

moomookhan’s Profile PhotoMou Khan
hoggly hoogly hoogly ;) hes so delicious tho ;) you know my plan, me, him shower stalls. all day erryday


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