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I love everything about you. I love how your eyes get really small when you smile/ laugh. I love how your cheeks turn red when you're nervous. I love how you aren't like all those other girls that try to impress all the guys. I love how you are so confident & sexy.

Shakespeare? is that you? OMG this is the sweetest thing ever. can you like talk to me in person?
Liked by: Mou Khan

do you like musa? i saw you and him laughing together at lunch today!

MUSA??? que? no no no bueno. & just because i laugh with someone, doesnt mean i automatically have a crush on them!
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what movie should i watch? i want a romantic comedy. or just a chick flick.

okay i have a bunch. My favorites are john tucker must die, the jerk theory, something borrowed, a walk to remember & perks of being a wallflower. Best movies i've ever watched<3

i'm in your global class & i can safely say angelica is the biggest bitch in the world

umm why are you telling me this? & i have nothing against angelica so.... stop hating people.
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Tell me 3 interesting things about you. ;]

1- Fashion design & singing are my passion.
2- I have the most amazing & supporting best friends ever<3
3- I can only be my true self around only about 10 people....

Whoa anon you're stupid if you think Yasmin is ugly like really really really really really really really really really really really really stupid. Like you need to borrow a little piece of a persons brain or something, but that might not help since your to stupid to probs know what a brain is.

haha thank you cassie :* they were right about you being pretty<3


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