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i saw u & yasmine, reanna's sister walking afterschool tday. i can safely say u 2 r the hottest 2 chicks in da school.

oh why thank you <3 & i'll tell her that tomorrow :)

Can i seriously tap dat ass doe? Or can i at least HAVE YO NUMBA???

be my guest babehh ;) mm damn girl, you kinda sexy when you take my advice mm ;)

dats not fair. I wana c ur boobs jiggle like dat girl mary saw.

Wow you took creepy to the final level. I can't deal with your thirsty ass.

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What movie can you quote word for word?

Are you scared?
To death.
I'm scared of not being with you
Oh baby that'll never happen - a walk to remember<3

I'm crazy about you :}

Aww & I don't know who you are. Nice talking to you mate. (I'm trying to be all cool saying bristish words :p)

Go up to him & just tell him you like his shoes or his hat or something. Or tell him you think he's cute.

I'm a wimp. I would, but if I go up to him, I would probably open my mouth & nothing will come out.

Describe the guy you like ;]

I like more than one guy. Haha well okay the first guy, he's so cute<3 he's a little bit taller than me. He has the most beautiful eyes. I don't know his name tho. He's older than me but idk what grade. & he seems really really sweet. Okay the second guy is shorter than me. I don't like him, I just think he's soooo cute<3 & he's either a junior or a senior. He has really nice hair & he's athletic<3 me gusta ;)

I want your babies. Like 1000006890543 babies. We'd hve sex every second of everyday ;]

Wow good for you. Sorry you might have hiv.


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