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i dnt think u know this, but everday, me nd my guyfriends walk past you and they always tell me how beautiful they think u are. i get mad jealous cuz 5 guys thinkin one girl is beautiful. thats insane. god noes how many other ppl say that when they walk past u. im a girl btw, nd im not homo. js

awww that made me smile ;') well tell your guy friends that i said thank you :)

Princess, u never answer my mssgs. U r flwless. Jst throwin it out dere.

Oh my good lord, thank you, but there is obviously a reason I don't answer your messages. If I knew who you were, I would block you.

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U, not pretty? R u kidding me? U r the most beautiful gorgeous hottest girl in memorial.

Oh that's overly exaggerated. Thank you so much though :)

Wow, your so lucky. You're pretty. Not just pretty, flawless prettty and you have an amazing life. That's really not fair. You have all the guys on you. I'm jealous.

Well thank you, but I really don't think I'm pretty at all. & honestly, my life is not simple. I just hide all my problems with a smile & "confidence" my life is no where near perfect, just the way I portray it makes it seem that way. There is no need to be jealous of anything. I'm sure you're beautiful & someone out there is dying to be with you.

What are 5 ways to win your heart?

2. Trust me with your secrets
3. Be fun to be around
4. Make me comfortable enough to tell you my secrets
5. Be man enough to tell me how you feel about me

State 8 facts about your body.

1. I have stretchmarks all over my hips... both sides
2. I have big feet
3. i have a fat face
4. I have really lonnggg legs.
5. My thighs are the size of africa.
6. I like my boobs... :)
7. My body is just fat.
8. I barely have any muscle.

What is something sweet you wish someone did for you?

I wish someone picked me up before school started & we would go to the city together, go to central park, eat lunch, take 10001 pictures & then go to a beach & lay on the shore & watch the sunset & then he would take me home & he would come inside. we would watch a movie together while making smores & he would then leave & we would text all night. :)
Then i wake up. The sad life of Yasmin Seweid. :'(

What is your opinion about age difference in a relationship?

I don't care about the age difference unless the man is like 75 & the girl is like 20. then there's a problem

Do you think you can last in a relationship for 6 months and not cheat?

Ofcourse :) I would never cheat. I would just break things off if im not happy.

Is there anyone you've given up on? Why?

Not really. Just some stupid middle school crushes. & because it wasn't worth wasting more time on.

ok im not being creepy or stalkerish but i think im in love with you. the first moment i saw you walk in the hallway, i knew that one day, i had to have her. i've been thinking about you day and night. you are my definition of perfect. i really need to build up the courage to talk to you.

wow, this made my night<3 Well thank you :* seriously, you should just come up to me & talk to me! you sound really sweet<3

Ok, im going to overwhelm you with questions. k?

wow thanks anon for giving me a whole lot of questions. i expected 5. NOT 17!!!!!!


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