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aii i didnt mean to call u hot, you're beautiful & i really want to get 2 know you. your a special person to me & i wud hate if i made a bad first impression. forgive me?

well thank you :* & i do. but i wanna know WHO ARE YOU?

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How was your day today? =}

Nothing great. I was supposed to see my bestfriend today & spend the day with her, but things got in the way :( Hopefully tomorrow we could see eachother<3

da first day of school was the best day of my life. I saw an angel walk down the hallway, i saw you.

Ok im gonna go cry now. seriously this is so kind of you. thank you so much love :***

you, transferring to this school changed my life. i see ur face & i talk to you & i know there is hope for this world. :]

OMG really? you seriously have me speechless. i don't know what to say... thank you<3

I wish i could have the courage to sing little things to you in public.

Oh my god, i love that song. & you dont have to sing it in public, you could sing it to only me :)

wow, ur eyes are the prettiest ive seen ever. your lips make me drool. I just wanna kiss them so that ur enemies feel the plessure. ur smile melts my heart & ur laugh plays in my head day & night. Can i have you for myself? you're beautiful & i would go 394089304832094 miles to see you.

OMG ASDFGHJKL THIS MADE ME TEAR UP :') you are soooo sweet. come off anon. Thank you so much<3 That made my night :)

hey its me again. i'm that guy that put the note in ur locker. i know, cheesy, but i wanted to make sure that u knew how i felt about you even if u dont know who i am. <333

well, maybe ill feel the same way if i knew who you were :*

why is it that ur the only person that makes my jaw drop when i see you. your the ONLY person.

Is that a compliment? But thank you anyway<3

oh i see u like to get down & dirty ;} id like to see you get down and dirty on me :-*

Oh my god no, but would you like some water or gatorade for that thirst?
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im gonna have a song meant for only me and u......its going to be "Birthday Sex" ;)

Oh yeah ;) or how about bumpy ride? ;)

where did u get ur breast done? i want to do mine cus im only a B:( what size are u sexayy titayss??? ;P

You're such a weirdo krissi. I got them done in vegas. Lmao now move outta my way miss betty crocker from the hood!


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