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So i see u like the song everything by chester see cuz you posted it on momo's wall. I can sing it for you ;]

wow, you took creeper to the next level. i have no words. wait but i heard they sell some fresh cold Gatorade for your thirst. you should go buy one...
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I'm back. & i really want to get to know u. aii? aii. what are u like? lik personalty.

woopty doo. & talk to me in person. Then i wont have to tell you what im really like. You would find out your self :)

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i cant get over how bootiful and gorgeous you are! all i want to do is fuck you in da ass...

Thank you for the first part, but yeah no bueno for the second part.

Seriously people if you think Yasmin is ugly them go deep throat a cactus. Seriously you have no idea what you are talk about.

Aww thank you love :*

Its fine... ehhh hbu?

I actually really like my new school. Omg wow I haven't spoken to like anyone from 74 except for like kristina & like 2 other people. Crazy.

You're amazing:) and that person down below who said that mean thing to you can go suck an elephant's dick....

Lmao thanks babehh ;) I agree. Go suck an elephants dick mothafuckaa.

... how'd u now it was me? u just have that good memory

Lmao yeah I have a really good memory. Omg how are you? How's high school?

U called me annoying in my yearbook :( i scratched it out smh

Oh my god, daniel? I'm sorry. I didn't really mean that :(


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