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Hey Decu, first time asking a question. I'm wondering if you have any plans to continue writing more MGNQ, especially considering the ending of the last archived thread I could read? (Something about Kyoko heading towards a Nanoha-blast?) Otherwise, I read through the whole thing, and I loved it!

Jonathan Morris
Yes I am, hopefully in the coming week or so! And thank you for reading and liking MGNQ!!

How come Sayaka has scars if she has world class regeneration? Were they made when her regeneration was worse or something?

Some wounds, if inflicted with enough HATE and Magical Girl Energy, still leave scars no matter what you do. You can ask your Incubator for a full regeneration to remove everything and start anew, but that's also starting over from scratch, you'll have to train your body again. Sayaka has never asked for anything like that.

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Yuma was often compared unfavorably to Malal (which I doubt was good for her self-esteem). That said, she was told that even Malal (without assistance) couldn’t have used Cavefish as an expendable power source like Yuma presumably did. What things could Yuma do that Malal couldn’t?

Yuma basically had the Culexus equivalent of power vampirism, where she can utilize someone's magical energy and use it alongside her own. She can also do it passively if she's in a large group or unit, taking just a little bit from each member in the group, so it's kind of like a force multiplier.
Besides that, Yuma also developed the ability to completely make herself disappear in a magical girl's radar. Callidus, Vindicare or even other Culexus wouldn't be able to detect her. It's more of an Anti-Officio Espionage kind of deal, so it doesn't work with Witches.

What things did Murderface do for fun? Because during MAXIMUM CHRISTMAS it almost seemed that the way she spent her recreation time was watching already dry paint continue to be dry (I assume she was actually thinking). And of course Murderface was alone instead of with someone tolerable.

Yes, you got it. She spent a lot of time by herself thinking, trying to piece together the patchwork memories she half-remembers every now and then. It's a lot for her to figure out. But as for fun activities she usually just read books or helped maintain the Officio's armory. Until she got to drinking of course!

How much time does a typical unarmed combat specialist Eversor (such as Heartcatch Squad or Kumatora) put into grappling practice? How does that compare with a Cladius or a weapon using eversor? With their diverse morphology, I’m not sure being good at grappling is typically useful against witches.

it's part of their training as an Eversor, and if their ability set complements it or if they want to specialize in it, it's going to figure quite heavily into their daily training routine. Basic grappling is something that all Eversors learn, though, probably making up 20% of their career hours on the mat. And no, it's not useful against witches, but very useful against other magical girls!

In MGNQ, does Kyuubey’s madness have a name (e.g. “Human personality disorder”)? When this affliction start? IIRC he’s stated (or implied) the condition has escalated over time.

It started around a few years into him managing his own officio because he's really one of the few to be really hands-on when it came to managing his girls. There's no official name for it but that's a good name!

Does anything special happen if a Maerorus is made from a Magical Girl and her witch self? Higher/lower SAN than normal Maerorus? More powerful because synergy? Weaker because abilities are redundant? Different chance of successful operation? I’m asking because The 9th has Sayaka and her witch core.

Lower SAN in the sense that it makes them feel and see things they shouldn't be, like being look through the veil behind reality. Definitely more powerful. It's really a wild card.

Which Stooge if any, could fix Chiaki’s eyes so she didn’t need glasses? Would Chiaki be willing to have her eyes fixed (and then maybe wear non-prescription glasses)? Considering she has wings now, glasses (or flight goggles) might be useful to avoid getting bugs in her eyes at supersonic speeds.

I think any of the stooges can do it easily. The question is if Chiaki is willing to have them fixed. It's always been my belief that she never got them really fixed because she wants to have a link to how she was back then, even if it's something detrimental to her performance.

If just started martial arts is it normal for my wrists to hurt or is my punching form off? Also what's a good brand of glove?

It depends on what kind of pain you're feeling. Is it just the kind of exertional hurt that you get when you've started working out a muscle you haven't before? Or do you get this sharp, stabbing pain whenever you flex your wrists back or forward? Try wrist wraps next time to protect them.
Also the good brands of gloves may depend on what kind of martial art you're doing. I mainly box so I use Twins. Everlast seems okay.

What exactly disgust you so much about /qst/? Honestly, I don´t see that big of a difference with /tg/. Is because it puts trips on people and thus eliminate anonimity?

Everything! But one of the biggest reasons is that the limited life span of the threads forces you, the author, to think on your feet and write as fast as you can (even if I'm horribly slow about it the entire time). The fact that they die after page 10, a hard death, means that you can set up cliffhangers and scenes when the thread itself dies, so it helps keep you going for the next one. But that's just one part of it, and really, /qst/ was made in bad faith, which also sours the entire thing. I'm not saying it's impossible to run a quest there, but it's definitely harder than doing it originally in /tg/.
The nazimods killed quests. That's it.


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