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I think you're beautiful

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Your eyes .we are creation if Almighty and hence we are best creation he loves .beauty is how much you follow order of Almighty God .or you follow evil thoughts of satan.on which base you’ll judge on day of judgment.
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why do those who want love get tears?

Expectations.when you have expectations from selfish material world .you will never satisfied .that expectations comes from your desires (nafs).your evil nafs calls nafs e ammara never makes you satisfied on anything.it has attribute of iblish which always try to disobey order of lord .be happy what you have be thankful to your lord and ask to him he will always help you
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I needed you this whole time

Why me when you have your lord with you .invest in your creator he loves you most rest of the world is selfish .do meditation think about your self and creation .worship him the most the little time you got in this material world that’s the true salvation .
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Have u ever been in love before😊😍

My love is for my lord Only .who created me from nothing feed me in womb.gave perfect working organs.teaches my cells how to work and synchronize. Bless with best food,clothes,house,relatives,wealth & prevent me from negative thoughts.he is the one and only Almighty.because he loves me zillions of more time than I loves him.he is the only savior of my life .

What would you choose? & Why? 1.Power 2. Fame 3.Money.

Nothing it’s all worldly desire and my lord says worldly desires will drag you away from Allah.my one and last wish to be obedient to Allah’s order and stay away from desires and satan’s misguidance.

Are you here to make new friends or to just spend your time??

My criteria of choosing friends are so strict often ppl can’t bare it that’s why I have very few friends who can understand my rubbish talk .yeah I use this to dump my thoughts and relieve my anxiety and panic disorder as diary .been here for long but got few people who are still in touch ppl are so thankless now days and have very short term memories

Ever been in the military? Any branch

I like peace ✌🏽 I want world will be free of weapons and boundaries where people respect and give equal opportunities to others. There is no greed hate jealousy racism supremacy .where everyone has equal rights and social justice .

Do you pray?

Yeah I do my heart beat my breath my each and every cell the sun moon star tree ocean mountain birds animals worship Allah (s.w.t).
He who create the whole universe from tiny pin point absolutely from nothing
He confined whole universe with astonishing power in to small dot.
God Almighty is greatest creator and sustainer whole universe is worship him knowingly unknowingly.

Excited for anything?

I come back here after 2 years and everything seems dead in this town .as usual I don't care.this is my diary to cure my sickness of G.A.D and panic attack .
It's like I'm talking to myself and throw up my thoughts here .
It's helps and keep my guidance of thought for my self as Satan is always there to make me forget .
Always pray to lord that keep remind me all his blessings and guidance and keep me and my parents in his greatest mercy .amen

Should men and women be put in the same prison cell ? This is because of equal gender equality.You may be sharing a prison cell with a 260 lb man someday.

How could you put women with rapist without security isnt it insane move.
Who will take guarantee of Safty .you
Don't act like Donald trump bro .
Gender equality is about give equal chance to women in male dominant society .it's not like go behind her and push her from cliff .

worst mistake of your life was??

Trusting wrong people .
Life and dealing with people is all about trust .you have to give chance to understand people .but when people start ditching you it's tough to trust more people and that's problem around it's domino effect and because of few rotten mangos we have trouble trusting peoole.
As I learnt don't love or borrow money to anyone .at last you will loose .
Or don't expect anything from any one .just do your dress or work for Allah and expect rewards from him only .
If you follow this your life will be much easier.
People are not bad but influence of Satan is always with you .
You have to fine evil thought of your self and deal with it .


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