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Babe, wake up. Are you sleeping or just not bothering to come on this website atm? -.-

Zakeya ♡
I literally kist woke up. Omfg, my mom didn't get that mad, surprisingly. She's letting me have fun with my iPad now, but just wait until school starts... :'(
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hey eliza hiii :)).how are you??:)).whats goin on??:)

fahad mallick
Sorry I'm answering this kinda late, but I'm doing good, and nothing awesome has been going on other than it's 2014! Hahaha. How have u been? & what has Ben going on with you? :)
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Yes, kind of. Lol. :P I love you. <3

Zakeya ♡
Lol, haha. :p I love you, more.<3 (I re-answered this, btw. I had answered it a few mins after you sent it, but I re-answered because I miss you!) :'(
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Yes.. :'( I keep leaving you! I'm so sorry! *sniffs*

Zakeya ♡
Baby, it's ok. Don't beat yourself up about this. This isn't your fault, and there is no need to promise. Ok?<3 I love you.<3 *kisses you and wipes your watery eyes to prevent you from crying*<3
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Yeah. I just want to be next to you. :'(

Zakeya ♡
Same. We should have met in person. Internet relationships are amazing and all, but it sucks when you want to hug the person, kiss the person, hold the person, comfort the person, hold hands with the person, etc.. ;'(
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Yes, I get that, but you're totally making it lose its meaning when you put it so front-and-center. It takes over your identity. You're not Eliza. You're "some random proud lesbian"

You don't know who I am..... And that is my identity.

I have no issue that you're gay. But what bothers me is that it's your username. A person's sexual orientation is just a TINY fraction of what they should be about, but you're trivializing it by making it the main focal point of your personality. So what if you're a lesbian? That doesn't define you.

I put it to show I don't care what others say


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