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Opinion on me? (Sent to everyone I follow)

Koda The Queen
You sound like a very sweet person, and you are very pretty!(: You sound like a good friend. I saw your bio, and I just wanna let you know i've been in your shoes. I was bullied and harassed from 4th-8th grade, and I sometimes get hate messages here on ask. Idk why your feeling so down, but just know that somebody out there cares, and I am here for you.<3
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Ok, it's safe to go to sleep. You're sleep, so it's safe for me to go to sleep. I love you, babe. ❤ *gets under your covers, then snuggles up next to you in your bed* Goodnight, love you ❤

Zakeya ♡
Aww, baby.. you're so sweet!<3 I love you so much!<3
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Irock0193’s Profile PhotoLizzy ❤
This is a message to all the people that are cyber-bullying me and will probably continue to cyberbully me:
I got bullied at school in person from 4th grade all the way up to 8th grade. 6th-8th grade were the worst years, though. People would call me names, trip me in the hallways, push me against walls, hit me, pinch me.. & All witnesses would do is laugh. I had fake friends almost all 3 years of middle school. People would talk bad about me behind my back, and spread rumors. Some people even had the guts to tell me they spread the rumor, and some people also had the guts to gossip about me right in front of my face. I began cutting in 7th grade, and my first suicide attempt was in 7th grade, aswell. I kept trying to commit 7th and 8th grade, but it never worked. I was succeeding last time, but a text from my girlfriend made me take my head out of the belt. I am still trying to recover and heal from bullies at school, and you are NOT helping, whatsoever. I don't need to be dealing with your bulllshit when I already have bullshit in my life, already. So just leave me alone, and go find something better to do. Get a life. A hobby. Anything to keep you away from me. I don't need people like you in my life.

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im holding up . its been another rough day

Aww.. what's wrong? I'm here for you, sweetie.<3 We can talk in private (wall to wall), if you want.


Irock0193’s Profile PhotoLizzy ❤
I can't believe I tried committing suicide over 5 times because of bullies, and i'm still here. It's a miracle. & Each time I succeeded, was when I became a stronger person (thanks to my girlfriend.) <3 I may still have suicidal thoughts at times, and I may still cut, but it makes me feel good to know that my bullies realized I am strong, and it makes me feel good to know that I am inspiration to others.<3 I love helping people so much.<3 That's what bullies should do to make themselves feel better-help others. Not make their lives miserable! Like if you agree.<3

you okay ?

Yeah, i'm fine.<3 Those posts I put on here were just describing how badly bullies made me feel, and how difficult its been for me to recover. Plus, I got a lot of hate messages, today. if you scroll down my page, you will see it. & Thanks for asking if i'm okay and for caring about me.<3 Are you okay?<3

Where do you feel most safe?

When my girlfriend calms me down whenever I want to kill myself,
everything silences.
My brain goes empty, as if I lost my memory of all the pain I was going through at the moment
It feels like Heaven..
It's as if she gave me a whole new beginning to my life.
It's as if i'm re-living my life.
My whole world changes, and I become a totally different person. A STRONGER person.
My heartbeat slows down, each breath I take gets calmer and calmer, each tear that drips down my cheeks decrease, and start drying up...
When her arms are around me, when she is wiping my tears away, when she is taking that knife out of my hands, when she is taking that belt out of my hands, when she is making me want to live my life.....
Like I said, whenever she does that, My whole world changes. I become a totally different person. A STRONGER person.
So I think I feel the most safe with my girlfriend. <3

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Bullies hurt me so much in middle school. My story about bullying will shock you.
Their words and actions may have scarred me for life, and I may care about what others think of me and how bad my reputation is, but
I do not care if I fit in, anymore. Because trying to fit in brings in the wrong people, and if you be yourself, the right people that like you for you and accept you for who you are will come into your life. & If you pretend to be somebody you aren't, the wrong people won't like you for the "real" you. Listening to bullies words is stupid, but its normal to believe and feed into what they say, especially if you've been tormented for so long. & If you are against bullying, and want it to stop, like this with your middle finger!<3


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When anyone says they want to kill themselves on the internet, take it seriously, because they aren't looking for attention. The internet is the easiest place to let out all of your emotions.


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Don't you ever feel like suicide is the only way out at times?
Don't you ever feel like not one single person in this world loves or cares about you at times?
Don't you ever feel like cutting helps release pain?
Don't you ever feel like nobody takes you seriously when you tell them you want to kill yourself?
Don't you ever feel like no one will care about you until its too late?
Don't you ever feel like nobody understands you and just gives up on trying to help make you feel better or to stop you from killing yourself?
Don't you ever feel like bullies or people who treated you very badly in the past have scarred you for life, and you can never get over it?
Don't you ever feed into what others say to you, even though you know what they are saying is not true, and that their opinion or jealousy shouldn't matter?
Don't you just wish bullies would realize how badly they have damaged you for life on the inside, and apologize to you and change (along with caring and standing up for others and themselves)?
Don't you ever wish you could not care what others think of you?
Don't you wish your parents could understand why you are who you are, and why you're acting the way you're acting?
Well, that's how I feel at times. Recovering from my bullies is impossible. I'm always gonna have suicidal thoughts and feelings, and i'm also always going to want to cut at times. I even saw on the internet adults who suffered from bullying when they were younger could also suffer from emotional disorders. Sadly, i'm gonna be one of those people. Well, no. - I already am. I'm scarred for life. Because of bullies, I am very insecure and I live in fear and pain.

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I am bisexual, and I've known I was bi since I was little since I've always been attracted to girls and boys, but now I feel gay... I feel like a lesbian... Is that weird? /: xD.
& P.S. : I am so afraid to tell my mom I like girls): idk how to tell her): especially because she is against and grossed out with homos;'(
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