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*hugs you extremely tight* :) Lol, of course I called you 'honey!' :D Haha, I know.. :P No, I'm not okay. & No, I'm not sure 'it's okay.' :(

*Squeezes you extremely tight until you can't breathe* <3 :) & Lol;P & Baby, what's wrong? ;'(

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*hugs you* It's okay. :) No, it's okay, honey. :) Thanks.

*squeezes you* <3 Yay, you called me "honey!" Omg!!<333 Lol;P I have an obsession with that name! XD. & You're welcome!;D & Are you sure "its okay?" ;( and are you okay? :(
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She was going koko

I know. I feel so bad for worrying her. She always thinks i'm gonna hurt myself, even on our happiest days..

Omg, I'm so glad your okay! I was getting so worried about you! *hugs you* It's okay! Are you still mad at me? :( I'm so sorry! :(

Aww, babe.. *hugs you back* <3 ;) I'm sorry for worrying you:( & no, i'm not mad at you. Besides, I didn't have any good reason to be mad at you!:( and you have no reason to be sorry, but its ok, anyway:)

Sweetie, are you okay? ♥

Yeah, i'm fine. & I'm sorry, my dad and aunt took me shopping. I am at my dad's house, now, and my mom is at church. :) (she is practicing songs with a group.)

what did she say to you?

Susie loves Marshmallows
Well, she's told me a lot of personal stuff about why she cuts and stuff. She is doing a lot better, now, though:) & I know how she feels, cause I've been bullied and self-harmed before, too

Hi unfortunately Ashley Clarke killed herself. We were like the only 2 standing up for her :(xx

That could just be a rumor someone spread. I doubt that is true. Besides, If Ashley was sad, she would have told me. I doubt she killed herself.. but if she did, that is very sad...

Do you have anyway off ask I can contact you?

I have a phone.... if you can't text me, I have Gmail, Yahoo, YouTube, and Instagram.


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