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Well pretty good. I'm back at work after a hell of a week. Just really busy with friends. Whats you been up to?

Lol nothing much . Just hanging out with friends and gf aswell, xD . I miss talking to youu ! :'(

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Ok. Well.. Sorry I even wasted your time.

quit acting innocent. scroll down. I answered at least 4 questions from an anon who supports ME. They put you in your place.

u are so mean to zakeya. if only your friends could see all the things you've said to her, they wouldn't even want to talk to you anymore. you've contradicted yourself by cursing and saying all this hurtful things. i don't understand how someone can be so heartless.

lol you little 12 year olds fall for people who play innocent instead of hearing both sides of the story. look at what the anon said below. they put zakeya in her place. kisses. :)

Sorry for all the posts but so many people seem to side with her because she seems so innocent, I just felt you deserved some support as well!

its fine thank god someone has a brain here

And lol, so what if you have a picture of you and Janie? Everyone posts pictures of their relationship. Lol, you and Zakeya used to post some pretty sexual stuff so she can't turn around and say the picture is wrong after she did that!

so true

…not always have said it in the nicest way but it's the only way to get her to listen apparently, when you were nice she kept coming back and you don't want that!

finally someone supports me!

Omg, you don't know me but I just have to say I think you're doing the right thing. You don't love Zakeya anymore and you're doing the right thing by moving on and trying to get her to as well. I don't know why she can't just leave you alone because it's like she's stalking you now! Sure you may...


You know.. I always thought you were a little bit different. You seemed so special. But now I know, that you are just like the rest of them. You have hurt me so much. I saw the video on youtube. I see how you screenshot messages and put them on instagram. You have hurt my friends and me. I'm done.

Yeah because you're an idiot to think I haven't moved on from you.

No you damn don't. You don't do things to make me go away. You do things to hurt me. And I remember when you would get mad at me every single time. WHAT THE FUCK DID I DO TO YOU TO MAKE YOU WANT TO CHEAT ON ME?! HUH?! I GAVE YOU EVERYTHING! EVERYTHING!

No, I do things to get it in your head I'm not the one. Maybe I cheated bc um, I wasn't happy with you and maybe because I wasn't the same person as I am now ? Think honey bunny.

Who the fuck cares?! I seriously don't. But you need to stop posting things on here about Janie because it clearly isn't making me feel any better.

Then go away . Let me tell you a story about ANTHONY. After we broke up, I tried suicide over him. Bc he didn't love me back. And he did the same thing to me as I'm doing to you: pushed me away. Kept telling me to move on, when I knew I couldn't. At that moment, that one dreadful awful moment, I could have sworn he was the one for me, but guess what? You had come along, he wasn't the one to complete my heart. And right now, I am PUSHING YOU AWAY because I am NOT THE ONE FOR YOU. Don't say shit without understanding why I'm doing this !!

AND.. You and Janie seriously need to take your relationship elsewhere. I honestly don't know why you brought your relationship on here, for the whole world to see. And you know what? You are a very self-absorbed person. It's like, you only think about yourself. No one else.

Um, we show our love because we aren't ashamed to show it . Duhh . And no, I think about her more . Than anything . You're not who I love, anymore

Oh, so all of a sudden people care abot me now, but before you used to say how people show you WAY more attention and that no one cares about me. It's actually funny how you can sit there and make yourself out to be such a nice person, when you aren't. You talk about every single person.

You do realize I say things to keep you away right ? You just never get the hint , and try getting me back. I don't even talk to any of my EXES except for like, what 2 ? Out of like , 9-10. XD

Does it look like I care? No. You need to start not making everyone feel sorry for only you. Give someone else a chance. And, I hate that you love making me jealous. A picture of you kissing Jaine? On your profile?! You are so spineless.

You make me laugh . People feel sorry for you, not me. Hilarious. Like, wow. People have sympathy for you. Bitch, puhleeze ! And I put me and Janie there , bc I want to , bc I can?

You need to be a lot nicer to people. Stop it, Eliza! Stop making everything always about you. Maybe it's a reason why people tell you about your past. You hurt me. And I would advise you to not talk to my friend like that. She can do whatever she wants without your permission.

Hah. "Nicer". My attitude depends on what you say to me, hon. Get over it. & I told her how I felt, I didn't demand her anything, there's a difference. Get it right.

Why are you being so mean to everyone? You need to stop it.

I'm using self-defense. You all come here and tell me about my past when I don't live there anymore. It's just like my mom with Janie , she's angry at the fact I'm dating her, but Janie isn't who she used to be.

Wow. You're mean. I thought we were fucking friends. -.- I knew I couldn't trust you.

So why'd you message me . So you could be a fake friend and talk shit with Zakeya ? No I don't buy that.


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