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No, she's mine! Hehe ;) [We're fighting over a girl, yet we're together] lol

Idc if were together, julia is still mine. Idgaf what you say, ok

Who's that? *Points* Is she evil? *points* this shit is scary! *grabs the remote, pauses the movie*

Lol, wtf, xD.. Yes, she is evil! Lol:P

No, baby.. I do! ♥ Lol, aw. I like a lot of parts as well.. (The bubbles in the bathroom).. Lol oh no! ;)

No, baby, I do! ❤ & omg, I love that part, too!:) xD... :P and oh, yesss!!;)
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*sits down next to you* give me some damn popcorn! Lol

*hands you a bowl of popcorn* there ya go!;D lol
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What's movie? The big one or the one where they have to go to shell city?

The one where they had to go to shell city, xD
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No, baby.. I do! ♥ I love the SpongeBob movie! What's your favorite part? And oh no! ;)

No, baby, I do! ❤ & Lol, idk, i like a lot of parts. XD.. Especially when they are singing the "Now that were men", song, xD.. Wbu?;)) & Oh, yes!!;))
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