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so how did u felt after kissing her??u have pic of her??

Yea this one . And I felt so happy and butterflies in my stomach . ❤️
so how did u felt after kissing heru have pic of her

how was the kiss??u have picture?

Desperate much and no we don't have a pic lol plus she doesn't like kissing in front of people . We kissed at her friend Paula's house , but I didn't have my iPad at the time , so I obviously couldn't get a pic , and the other time we kissed was in the restroom at school , but obviously my iPad was by my school bag on the floor , so .

does she squeeze them good??have u two done something uptill now?

Nah , we've only kissed and held hands and hugged . No sex .

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who is the guy in the pic with you?

My friend , Sal . (His name is Salvador , but everyone calls him Sal for short )

If telling you that you can meet someone famous for awhile and you've suddently one question, who the person is and what is the question ?

T'f .

Don't you think you're being a little bit too hard on your ex girlfriend?

Nope . She's tryna get me back and I'm with someone else .

Honestly you have bipolar. Your mood suddenly changes all of a sudden.

I was diagnosed with a mood disorder . It's part of my depression .

Give me a specific reason why you all of a sudden think Zakeya is annoying. Like, what has she ever done to you?

Bc she keeps tryna get me back when I have a new gf

how all of a sudden you were nice to zakeya, now you're mean to her? you have changed.

Bc I don't fucking like her . She's annoying .

Eliza. I don't know what's going on, but this has got to stop. I'm done with this all. If you don't like me, then you don't have to worry about seeing me ever again.

Eliza can be your friend but nothing more .
If you don't agree to that , then no communication , alright .

*looks at the anonymous question* Well um. I'll be on my profile if you need me. :/

Do you want to talk ?? /:

What would you do if you saw Zakeya with someone else?

I wouldn't care that much I mean it's kinda whatever

Well, I'm looking at other people's instagrams, while answering some questions on here in my inbox from 6 or 7 days ago. Woops:///

Lol it's fine . :p sorry I take so long to reply I don't check ask that much


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