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Is Zakeya your first girlfriend? I've been woundering that c:

No, haha. I've had 3 girlfriends:p (she's my 3rd gf. & my last..<3)

Aw thanks :) but i still dont see it :3 But thank you very much twinny you're Beautiful too c; wait meh got a question for youu

Aw, thank you so much!<3 ^_^ and you're welcome!(: I'll always be here for youuuu.<3 and what is the question, twinny? ((:
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Yea :P but i like her juss lil but i dont wanna date her :3 myb in high school ima look better and not so ugly :/

Hey, you're not ugly, don't say that. People who say you are ugly are fucking idiots cause they don't even bother to see who you are on the inside. It's weird to call you beautiful, so I guess I'll say you're both beautiful and handsome inside and out. Okay ? <3

Erm...Lol you never know :3 but #foreveraloneee ;) lol jkk

OMG, you're not. When nobody liked me at school, I had given up until Zakeya came along. Don't give up, someone will find you. Trust me.

Ermm, whatchaaa doooin.... :3

Sorry I was at my aunt and uncle's house, lol. But now I'm just chillin' and on kik while waiting for my girlfriend to reply to my message. :p wbu?

Hehe <3 You know I love you from the bottom of my heart, babe. <3

Zakeya ♡
My heart actually got a warm feeling after I read that. No joke. & Aww, baby!<3 You know I love you with all my heart and from the bottom of my heart, aswell!<3 ^-^
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