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hey there :) like 50 of my answers and I'll like 50 of yours. Thank you (: p.s I followed you :P

Thank you!:) I liked and followed back!;D

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He doesn't have balls!!!

LOL!:D Then just tell him what I said earlier (without the balls part). XD

He said no!!!!!

Then tell him to stfu and leave you alone before you kick him in the balls;) hehe;))

Omg people just need to stop bullying they just need to understand that it hurts people and sometimes kills them but like you you have great friends and we are always here for you

Blas Aguilar
I agree. :( & Aw, thank you!;)

Why did she do that and welcome

Blas Aguilar
I have a feeling she deleted it cause of @RoxyRose and her friend, Natalie. It all started when I was defending my friend Chloe, cause Roxy was bullying her, then Zakeya and Flame defended me, and then Flame started getting hate. :( & So did me and Zakeya:(

I wouldn't be insulting her if she was alive and I do have respect but not for her

You shouldn't insult anyone. & You should have repect for everyone.

you know you can like ignore bullies instead of offing yourself

Its hard to ignore them. Besides, if I ignore them, they do so many things to get my attention.

ffs amanda todd isn't the only person who committed suicide cause of bullying you know

I know she isn't.

Her mistakes are because she's an idiot and she's not a human. She's a skeleton or ash. She's dead. D. E. A. D. DEAD. That's not alive so she's not a human

They were not stupid mistakes. & I know she is dead. What i'm saying is that even if she was Alive, she should still be treated equally. Besides, you insulting a dead person is very cruel. Show some respect.


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