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And I want to be all over you, but I can't. I was really looking forward to the best anniversary, but instead, it back-fired on me.

Zakeya ♡
Maybe it's best if I stop contact with both you and Melissa..

i often dream abouts lesbian sex but i am not lesbuan and i have a boyfriend, but u am so curious about ittt what di you think??

Maybe your bi-curious??

Oh I'm pathetic?!?! Says the girl who lied/cheated on the girl who she supposedly loved. Your ridiculous

Judging me and telling me this isn't gonna get you anywhere. You're only hurting yourself.
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I guess you don't want me, anymore. Um.. So, what do we do about our anniversary?

Zakeya ♡
Just.. Don't even bother doing anything. I want you, but I can't have you

Eliza, I thought you loved me. I can't believe you would have sex with Melissa. For what reason, idk. You could've left and not have done anything with her. But you decided to stay and have sex with her. You cheated on me! :'( Why?!

Zakeya ♡
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Just, forget it. I'm done trying with you. You obviously want Melissa back. Hey, she's a lucky one. Maybe she wont be cheated on by you. I hate how I keep putting myself through the same situation. I haven't learned yet.. *scoffs*

Zakeya ♡
So.. You're breaking up with me?
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Your hiding something! You won't show me the conversation! I mean, I already know what sex is, any fucking ways! -.-

Zakeya ♡
Baby, I'm not:( I don't want you to see, because it's gonna hurt you!:(

You have to show me the conversation, unless it's too graphic or whatever. I just can't believe you cheated on me with Melissa! Your ex-girlfriend! :'(

Zakeya ♡
:'( I don't wanna hurt you, anymore. Why show you the conversation?


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