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Don't tell that I've changed because that's not truth and I'm losing you

It's ok. You'll get that person back just be honest.

I quit my job blowing leaves, got telephone bills up. i peaked in ur windows👀

.........I have no windows -_-

Whenever I see you, I feel a tingling sensation in my heart ❤

Awweee your special just never forget that.^~^

If you’re trying to talk to someone should you keep trying to text them or just give up on them as I don’t want to beg or nothing like that🤔

I'd love 2 help here but you never know how a person is going to react. Sometimes the person your texting feels like you're never going to leave them no matter what they do. it helps them know you are reliable. But also, if the person really doesn't like you that person will ignore you and want you 2 take a hint.

What do you do for other people to love you?

Honestly nothing. Most of the pple ik try to change or improve theirselves just to be noticed. Not me. Like no hate to whoever does that everyone is free to do there wills. But I rather stick to being myself. Whoever really cares or "loves me" is going to accept me just as I am. Witch im not a good choice honestly lol.

Are you sad now ?

Im not sad or happy. Just mehh..... nothing bothers me but nothing exites me. Thats just today doe....🤷🏻‍♀️ Hbu?

How manny solos did you have in the D crew? How many languages do you speak?

I had a total of 18 solos
And I speak 3


Language: English