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If a guy greets a girl every time he sees her … is he being polite or is he interested?

Depends on the situation I suppose 🤔

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I would love for someone to help me out of this purgatory that’s my mind…

Well what's going thru your mind?

If you could go back in time what would you change about the past?

Becoming an addict. I'm 2½ years sober 😁

What do you think the meaning of life is?

Human "life" is practically pointless to the overall life cycle of Earth. The only reason ANY living organism exists is to reproduce, eat, and die. Same for plants reproduce, photosynthesisize, die.
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I like my co worker and I caught him staring at me today. Do you think he likes me back?

Probably a pretty good chance of that being the case.
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What's something you do, maybe subconsciously, that you wish you didn't do?

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Insult people who have a lower intelligence level than myself. I'd don't say it outloud, just in my head but idk why I do it.
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What's the point in having a good credit if you have no money?

In the USA 85% of people make between $20,000 - $110,000 within a year. The average cost of living for one person is $12,500 a year.
Here's an example:
You're left with $7,500 "extra" if you make $20,000 a year. Hypothetically let's say you and your partner have a set of triplets on the way. This is where having good credit comes in. So have to get a bigger vehicle that will fit a family of 5. That is gonna be $6,000 at least. But nobody has their entire years worth of paychecks all at once. You show proof of stable income and if you have a decent credit score. You take a loan out for $10,000 for this bigger vehicle. Now you have a bigger vehicle. Most loan/credit plans are set to pay back monthly between 6 - 36 months. So let's say it was set up to pay back in 24 months like most auto-loans, you'll pay $416.67 + 2.5% interest a month for 2 years. So you pay $10,250 total back to the bank.

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Whats the point in having a good credit if you have no money
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My parents can't accept my girlfriend who's from another race. Why does that even matter so much?

So your parents are toxic, limit how much they are in your life. They'll change their minds real quick.


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