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If you had it to do all over again would you do it the same…..life that is?

No, not at all.
Although I am cognizant of the fact that we have no control over who our parents are, if God were to allow me to live again, I would insist on one fundamental change: I would want parents that were college educated, well read and able to provide learning opportunities for me that my parents were unable to provide. If this first criteria could not be met then I would prefer to not exist. Life is difficult enough without having parents who are functionally illiterate and unable to actively participate in their children's learning process.
That is the primary change I would request. This is not to say that my parents were bad people but, for example, my mother dropped out of school in the 8th grade, was illiterate and was also an alcoholic who smoked 3 packs of cigarettes her entire adult life until she died from cancer. My father was a hard worker who graduated from high school, but never read books or found it necessary to acquire knowledge and was satisfied reading the local newspaper. He also believed that participation in sports was a waste of time and believed that music was a hobby and should never be taken seriously. He was not amused that I graduated from Berklee College of Music as he honestly believed it to be a complete waste of time. Although I loved my parents I also felt that their negative attitudes (24x7) were indeed a liability for me as well as my brothers and sisters. So instead of complaining, I decided to pick myself up and become self sufficient and live a life in pursuit of knowledge and understanding, free from the negativity of family and friends who seem to be experts at discouraging success with their proclamations of pending doom and failure.
Forcing myself to become independent and self sufficient while never quitting or giving up on my dream to be a guitarist and engineer, resulted in many excellent employment opportunities for me that I am forever grateful for. And yet, I sometimes wonder how much more proficient I might have been if the environment I grew up in was more positive and supportive.
I am certain that many of us have had similar experiences where we play the "what if" game, right? Honestly, I do let these thoughts interfere with my life and mostly I chase them out of my mind whenever they appear because negative thoughts like these are beyond my control and are not productive. But the question posed, forced me to address the issue and I wanted to see if I could write something profound that might help some of my followers who have also have suffered from abuse or difficult and toxic environments. Thanks.

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You are an extraordinarily gifted writer and guitarist. What you write and what you say helps so many people who struggle and need up flirting and wisdom. I’ve said this countless of times, but I’m truly honored to call you a friend.

Thanks Steph. I appreciate your positive vibe and heartfelt words.
I think I told you some time ago that I perform at Unity church on Sunday mornings, right? Well last week the band at another church quit and I was asked to perform on either guitar or bass. This 6pm mass on Sunday night is a teen mass and they want us to play Christian rock music, which will be great fun. Last week it was just a pianist and me on bass. This week they have a drummer which I am excited about so we will see how that goes.
I've explained to the music director that I want to help the music ministry but I do not want to perform the same old uninteresting and lame Christian music that young people do not want to hear. Since this mass if supposed to be for teens, I am praying that God will intervene and allow us to play some genuine rock music. We shall see.
Here is an example of the music style I would like to perform:
Sidewalk Prophets - You Love Me Anyway
https://youtu.be/y8BBCYFAYRIalexandermonroe397579’s Video 170591475243 y8BBCYFAYRIalexandermonroe397579’s Video 170591475243 y8BBCYFAYRI

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alexandermonroe397579’s Video 170591475243 y8BBCYFAYRIalexandermonroe397579’s Video 170591475243 y8BBCYFAYRI

Biggest lesson in life is to love yourself first can’t love anyone if you don’t love yourself and appreciate YOU

I believe what you say to be true even though some people disagree with me. Many of those who claim that it is possible to love other people while also hating yourself, are either divorced or are incapable of sustaining a successful relationship for any prolonged period of time.
The analogy I like to use is the guitarist who claims that it is not necessary to practice the guitar in order to be an excellent guitarist. I believe that any sane musician would agree with me that all proficient musicians have spent thousands of hours practicing before becoming successful musicians capable of earning a living composing, performing and recording music.
How then is it possible to love someone else when you cannot even love yourself and therefore do not understand the music of love?

What age is considered old?

I believe that there are several factors that determine whether or not you are "old." For me the most important factor is not a number but health. Do you feel healthy? You might be 80 years old but in excellent physical and mental health and able to out perform a 20 year old. So I would say that you are only as old as you feel. Unfortunately the society we live in places restrictions and creates unspoken rules based upon physical attributes and the year that you were born that impact whether or not we are allowed to develop a relationship with another person. When you really think about these arbitrary and capricious social rules, they are not only silly but quite destructive.
As a guitarist, I study and learn from musicians who are dead and living, and I suppose they might be considered, by society, to be old, worn out or useless and therefore should be ignored and shunned, right? When I form an opinion about another human being, I do it based upon good character and talent more than anything else, and of course I am always looking to gain insight and knowledge about life; and so that too, is a factor more than age or physical attributes. Here is the fundamental question for me: Is the person kind and can I learn from them? If the answer is yes, then I will be willing to develop a relationship with that person independent of superficial attributes.

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At what age were you when you really felt comfortable with your identity?

"Trials and Tribulations" by Alex
I would say when I turned 40. At age 40, I realized that my most cherished dream was never going to happen, so I descended into a deep depression as I reflected and negotiated with myself to recalibrate my goals so they would be both reasonable and attainable. And I knew I had to jettison my old lifestyle, my extended dysfunctional family and fair weather friends, so that I could reinvent myself. And that was the moment when I reformed my identity and became comfortable with my new self and stopped trying to please other people. I suppose you might say that I developed an I don't give a shit attitude, because to move forward I had to admit that I was powerless and that I had no control over my family or my friends while also admitting that the only person I did have control over was myself and my own self interests.
And so I decided to move from Massachusetts to New Hampshire. I obtained a Technical Instructor job, sold my house and built a new home with lakefront. It took 6 months to complete the home before my family could move in. So each night I would leave work a 5pm and work on the home from 6pm until 2AM, sleep for a few hours and be at work for 8am. Both my day job and working on the house was demanding work, but it was exactly what I needed at that point in my life: hard back breaking work so I could work through my frustrations and reinvent myself.
Once the project was complete, the greatest change in my psyche was that I no longer cared what other people thought of me. So when people gossiped or made inflammatory statements in an attempt to solicit a response from me, I did not react and instead chose to ignore what I considered to be inappropriate and ignorant behavior. I felt like a great burden had been lifted from my shoulders and now I could breathe without worrying whether or not anyone liked me. I had already obtained two degrees and I had designed and helped build our dream house on two acres overlooking Bow Lake. Knowing that I had finally achieved something tangible and worthwhile, substantially increased my self confidence. So even though I did not achieve my childhood dream of becoming a world class guitarist, I was still better than most players and more importantly, I was able to put my music into perspective and learn to just have fun with it.

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If you could breathe music, which artist would you choose to inhale and which would you choose to exhale?

AdrianaRafaela98’s Profile PhotoAdriianna Rafaella
What a difficult question.
There are so many great musicians whom I admire, respect and have great affection for. Please forgive me for choosing a guitarist, but since that is my primary instrument I would be remiss if I did not choose Andre Segovia because of his mastery and technical proficiency on classical guitar. For many reasons, to numerous to mention here, I would inhale and exhale Andre Segovia. Why inhale and exhale? Because his guitar produces analog frequencies that increase (inhale) and decrease (exhale) in amplitude. This changing amplitude can be likened to breathing where the guitar literally inhales and exhales dependent upon your skill and proficiency of which Mr. Segovia was considered the master. In my humble opinion, Andre Segovia was, and still is, the best of the best.
https://youtu.be/WFnJ1APJREkalexandermonroe397579’s Video 169122499115 WFnJ1APJREkalexandermonroe397579’s Video 169122499115 WFnJ1APJREk

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alexandermonroe397579’s Video 169122499115 WFnJ1APJREkalexandermonroe397579’s Video 169122499115 WFnJ1APJREk

How unlucky are you?

Ticklestar’s Profile Photoaqsayyy
Everytime me and bois in the studio.
Me to drummer: dude why your snare is sounding like a bath tub
Drummer to vocalist: why tf are you singing like a dying whale.
Vocalist to guitarist: can you stop delivering your godzilla riffs on my clean parts assholee.
Meanwhile bassist: *scratching his balls*
I dont even know why im here. Im just tired.
How unlucky are you

Paul McCartney says Rolling Stones are 'a blues cover band'. Do you agree with him?

gggssaq’s Profile Photorhymes with stan
Many of the British bands of the 60's started out as blues cover bands. In fact, I would argue that playing blues well is a prerequisite to being able to play rock and having any hope of improvising a solo or being able to groove or play with feeling. With that said, the Rolling Stones wrote original songs and as time moved on their music also progressed as did the music composed by the Beatles.
To be honest, as a guitarist, I cannot even phantom performing with musicians who are not able to play the blues, nor would I want to. It's like playing with a drummer who cannot play a decent quarter note. I'd rather stay home and watch the Flintstones.

If today was your last day… what would you do?

Knowing me, I would attempt to continue on as I always do and take care of my family and friends without burdening them with my problems. Hopefully when I breathe my last breath, my friends would exclaim: "we had no idea that he was dying." Why burden people with my problems when they have their own mountains to climb. In the end, what matters is whether or not I was a man of good character and whether or not I was a good friend who stepped up and helped family and friends who were in need.
And hopefully those I leave behind would remember me as a good man who loved his family and friends, and that I was a good guitarist who played in tune. :)
If today was your last day what would you do

There are or were so many great musicians. My favorite guitarist is Andre Segovia who has passed away but was a fabulous classical guitarist with impeccable technique and feel. For country guitarists I still think Chet Atkins is the best. For acoustic finger style I like Tommy Emmanuel, J.T.

alexandermonroe397579’s Profile PhotoAlexander Monroe
I agree with Chet Atkins. Modern day country, I think Brad Paisley is pretty talented. Would he be even considered modern day currently though? Early 00’s** country. Ani Difranco is another eclectic new age guitarist I dig. Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, one of my very favorites Neil Young. So much talent.

if you have pets, do you have a friend that you trust to take care of them for a day? 🐾🐶🐱🐹

nurbzee’s Profile Photonurulhuda
I do! The guitarist from my fiancé's band usually comes watching them when we are gone on vacation. He's not really a friend of mine perse, but he loves my cats and I know they're in good hands with him. 😊
This is him.
Please follow me on Instagram for daily updates: @kellykitties
Or @theragingkitties for my animal shelter and petsit work.
And don't forget to follow me on Twitch for daily live streams! @kellykitties
if you have pets do you have a friend that you trust to take care of them for a

Don’t forget guitar pictures tomorrow! ☺️

bombdiggityboo’s Profile PhotoPerson
Hello Kevin.
Your mother tells me that you are a 4 year old guitarist who loves music. I am also a guitarist and I thought that you might like to see a photograph of some of my guitars. In this photo you will see Fender guitars, Taylor acoustics, an Ibanez and a D'Angelico guitar. Why so many guitars? Because each guitar gets a different sound and is used to play different styles of music i.e. Jazz, Blues, Rock, Folk, Country and Classical.
All of my guitars have been modified to suit my personal taste. Typically, I will replace the tuning keys, pickups, bridge and nut. I also have 4 amplifiers and various effect processors. Everything I have is used to produce the sound I hear inside my head. If you have any questions about guitars, music, chords, scales, etc. please feel free to ask me. Your friend Alex.
p.s. Practice, practice, practice...but, most importantly... have fun! --Alex--

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Dont forget guitar pictures tomorrow

What do you think you do best?

leahtvergara’s Profile Photo✿ ℓεαɦ ѵ. ♔
Write lyrics and sing. I’m not bad at writing the music either, and I’m a decent guitarist, although I’ve played with much better.
I had procrastinating ready to go, but went ahead and got what I was putting off out of the way so there went that. What I do best is probably retain useless information, like lyrics from countless 80’s and 90’s songs, whilst discarding important details like names, dates, and for what purpose I walked into a room. It’s a tie between problem-solving and overanalyzing. Which are two sides of the same coin really. Day dream about going around the world on a bike! 😇

actors and musicians have a poor strike rate in marriages.... you should marry an accountant or something lol

GiveUsBackOurThreads’s Profile PhotoEric
Christina married nick who was a firefighter and now works in construction
Katherine married max who used to be a girls coach for track. And hes a personal trainer, and specialist
Lisa is married to new found glorys guitarist chad gilbert
Amy is single
I'm in a relationship but have dated a captain of football player, and someone who is in like rocket engineering and that
And dani is married to a band member
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Please tell me your bias without telling me your bias. My turn: a leader, a guitarist and he is a singer. He has a band with four member and one of his album is One Fine Day.

bias 1:
punya 5 kucing, poni anti badai, main dancer
bias 2:
suka banget mancing ikan, pernah jadi ponakannya gong yoo di drama, sekarang masih wamil
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بص انا بسمع اغاني لحد ما ودني أتخرمت هيب هوب وشرقي وغربي وتيكنو وفري بيتس وبوب كل حاجه بسمعها ده مجالي أصلا فمش هتعرف تغلبني 😉😏 I'am guitarist pianist musician man

MohamedOsama684’s Profile PhotoMohamed Osama
يباشا انت متعرفنيش 😂😂
انا هطيرك مش هغلبك 😂
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เพลงนี้เพราะมากกกกก อยู่ในเพลย์ลิสต์คุณโลกด้วยนะไม่รู้ว่าแกได้ฟังรึยัง เราอยากฟังแกเล่นกีต้าร์เพลงนี้นะๆๆ เห็นในสตอรี่แกให้คนแปะเพลงได้ งั้นเราแอบขอเพลงในนี้ได้มั้ยคุณ Guitarist ✨?‍♀️ //จะตั้งตารออย่างดีเล้ยย https://open.spotify.com/track/7uvyBv9i8OEk8Jc2MHzaoB?si=RONLbJIWTYWyanwzt3iq8Q

เห้ยยย เพลงนี้เราเคยฟังแล้วว ชอบ Blackbean อยู่เหมือนกันนะ แต่ช่วงนี้ไม่ได้เปิด Spotify ฟังเพลงเลย เดี๋ยวจะเข้าไปฟังใน playlist นะครับ
ไว้ให้ ไว้เดี๋ยวจะเล่นให้นะครับ ✨??


JoJo's comeback is chugging right along with another must-hear single. On Friday (March 13), the pop veteran released "Man," a warm, mid-tempo jam that doubles as a declaration of self-worth and a warning to potential partners. "If I'm gonna love someone, well damn / I'm gonna need a fucking man," she sings on the hook, refusing to settle for less than the best. "Someone who want me like a fan / I need somebody who can love me like I love me."
"Man" arrived alongside a sunny, confidence-boosting video in which JoJo executes some choreo in a red-lit studio and dances in a sunny field. In the vid's best scenes, she lets loose with some familiar-looking girlfriends: Tinashe, Ari Lennox, DNCE guitarist JinJoo Lee, Grown-ish star Francia Raísa, and dancer JoJo Gomez. The message is clear: She's perfectly happy loving herself until the right "Man" comes along.
In a tweet following the new single's release, JoJo wrote, "Now's the time to be ur own biggest fan. Pleeeeeez don't waste ur time til u find someone who can truly compliment ur fly and go hard as u do. Being single and making a life you love is too delicious to settle for less."

“MAN” is out! 🧡🍀 watch the vid- sooo fun making it. Now’s the time to be ur own biggest fan. pleeeeeez don’t waste ur time til u find someone who can truly compliment ur fly and go hard as u do. Being single and making a life you love is too delicious to settle for less 🥂 🍾
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UaynSCCf9Hs&list=RDUaynSCCf9Hs&start_radio=1MarlySergina’s Video 160630451688 UaynSCCf9HsMarlySergina’s Video 160630451688 UaynSCCf9Hs
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"Man" follows last year's "Joanna," which acted as a musical introduction to JoJo's new era, and the Chika-assisted "Sabotage." All three tracks are expected to appear on the singer's upcoming album, Good To Know, out on May 1.

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MarlySergina’s Video 160630451688 UaynSCCf9HsMarlySergina’s Video 160630451688 UaynSCCf9Hs

cho em hỏi là MaC tuyển thành viên theo tiêu chí nào vậy ạ? vì theo em được biết có những CLB không thích các bạn đã có kinh nghiệm, cho các bạn ý là tự cao? và loại các bạn ý, chọn những bạn khác với lí do " phù hợp hơn". Em cảm ơn MaC ạ

Để MaC kể cho em nhé, ở MaC có một chị từng sáng lập chương trình có tiếng ở cấp 3, có một anh 12 năm chỉ biết có học và thi rồi vào ôm trọn học bổng trường F, cũng có chị 2 lần làm trưởng ban truyền thông và vào MaC lại chọn truyền thông một lần nữa, có cả một anh là guitarist nghìn view, và chị, người đang trả lời em câu này, đến từ tỉnh xa, quanh nhà có một khu vườn và bé tới lớn chỉ có đến trường học tập vui đùa. "Làm cao" với "có tự tôn riêng" thi thoảng vẫn hay bị nhầm lẫn. Ở MaC, anh chị tìm những người nhiệt huyết, dám học hỏi và theo đuổi điều mình thích chẳng ngại thứ gì. Cái đó thể hiện ra qua nhiều cách, không phải lúc nào cũng có thể nghe, nhìn thấy ngay được. Cơ mà vàng thì ngại gì lửa đúng không em ^^

https://youtu.be/QkUUcPWWgsg Hey Everyone! Our band has created a youtube channel. We will soon upload songs with guitar covers. I hope you support music so i really request you to spread this link and ask people to subscribe this channel. We will be very thankful❤️ @ahmad_bu_tt18

taahaabutt’s Profile PhotoTaahaa Butt
Guitarist tw me b hn
Gaany b gaata tha
Pr kbi aesi company ni mili jo mujy support krty or me band launch krn tw bs occasionally krta hn me ab singing
Glad to see u guys working together boy...
Keep it up ❤️

ohkaay you see it from another perspective then .. look i'm a full time singer & guitarist and i do a lot of covers and some originals and i really DO BELIEVE i'm a masterpiece in this .. but at some point of your going road u just need someone to push you forward to still believe in yourself

There's a difference between me and you, you're working as a singer and a guitarist.
I only paint for pleasure and to relieve stress, so technically, I boost myself. I'm in no need for others
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Happy birthday Munis ! You know you are the best guitarist ? And your voice is so magical !! I listen to your songs whenever I travel and it's so so soothing !!! Khush rahiye and stay the same bs nakhra kam kardijiye thora phir to best hojae ga na ! I hope you are gonna answer !! Have a blast !!!

Haha. I know who you are. Thanks :)

Thank you for show me to the best band Against The Current. Listening Gravity. The female voice remember Hayley Williams voice. I liked so much ❤❤

I'm glad that my fans liked the band, unfortunately today I do not really like guitarist @Danielwgow_ anymore because he's talking to my cousin hahahahaha.
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Niceeeeee. I used to play to play it . So closeee no matter how farrr. Kyaaa yaaad krwa diya he. Damn good days. We used to jam all these songs. I had this wish of becoming guitarist like jimmi page , Hendrix, but my dad never allowed to play instruments:( my dream died at early age.

Ahan? Your music taste seems more like mine.
That's sad tho.
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??? I mean electric guitar? naki onno rokomer Also shuno tumi Vinnie Moore er gaan cover kore shunao please please

Electric guitar chilo but eto pro kokhonoi chilam nah. acoustic i bajai. kono gaan pari nah just halka patla intro gula tule bondhu der shathe bajai. I always wanted to be a good guitarist but bajano hoy nah, eibar shuru korsi, dekha jak, kottdur ki hoy. :|
+6 answers in: “last kon bepare emon hoise je apni kichhu pawar jonno onek try korar por seta jokhon apnar ekebare kachhakachhi chole eshechhe tokhon agroho hariye fellen? ?”

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received? Me? A group of women told me I was stunningly gorgeous & you could see the depth of my soul just looking at me. Baggy eyes & unwashed hair & all that Jazz was how I looked. 😁😁😁

Kibbity_Kabbit’s Profile PhotoLindZ
Any time people compliment me on my guitar it lights up my world considering how I long to be a guitarist that can actually perform well and make my music into a therapy for others. Just the other day somebody told me "I have a gift" and that they want to listen to me just strum a playlist of progressions just so they could listen to it ^_^

🗝 Role play question 🗝When I say that I have inadvertently sat on top of a Borsalino, I refer to:A) A brand of underwearB) A well-known brand of hatsC) A pump that is activated with the contact.Don’t search on GooGle!

I'm Synyster Gates, the guitarist with the hat. My fans know how much I love Fedora hats... I also have a collection of hats.
So, yeah, I'm sure that it is a well-known bran of hats.
Let me know if I am right or not.

So this is the full answer to yuurae ‘s question about how I am seen through my friends eyes. I got four replies from the 13 people I asked, a mixture of online and IRL friends. I asked them to be absolutely honest, though to keep it constructive. One respondent was a cyberpal, the others were IRL

friends. If anything I feel the responses are *too* positive. Perhaps those who chose not to respond might have had other things to say! Anyway. @yuurae :
👉🏼S: Here's my tuppence worth: Doug is kind, caring, thoughtful, faithful, quirky and intelligent. One of the sweetest people I know who has had been dealt a very dud hand healthwise, I wish we lived nearer so we could see each other more often.
👉🏼K: I think of you in a mix of ways: very happy memories of some of the best times of my life at [names university] (including inspirational training, teamwork activities and the epic forward tumble of our cardboard bridge by you!). But then coupled with your current (and really not entirely clear to me) health and general life situation which seems a constant struggle and I wish it could improve for you or have some kind of tangible fix. But life is not always roses, and your passionate, well rounded, informed and thought out political discussions and humanitarian posts put you head and shoulders above the majority of the human race!
👉🏼J: How do I see you? One if [sic] the most intelligent and aware people I know, and incredibly strong in the face of constant adversity. It’s a pleasure to know you Doug.
👉🏼Your Doug [is] a very talented ex ninja* and brilliant guitarist and singer who will always be my friend regardless of never meeting in person xx
* Note: I have never been a ninja, though I was once a student of ninjutsu, which is a different matter entirely!

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What things did you attend in life that taught you to sing? You're one of the most jaw dropping youtiates I've ever heard.

Nothing particularly special actually. I'm mostly self-taught when it comes to singing. I just started singing recently, but I've been into music since I was a kid.
I had a band since I was twelve, I was a guitarist by the way. One day my vocalist left, and I was forced to become the vocalist-guitarist. It didn't last very long, we got disbanded. But at that moment I realized that I could sing and singing is fun.
I was just happy with my guitar back then, I didn't expect singing would become my hobby at all.

what's the best part of the geniusly layered Bohemian Rhapsody? to jog your memory it basically goes: gorgeous chorus intro, emo ballad, OPERA, rock out, really pretty slow outro.

HeyGuysWantStuffJustAsk’s Profile Photoeggsy
I've always favored the rock part because as a guitarist I'm in love with it. But honestly every part is iconic in its own way. And while the opera is probably the most recognizable part I think the calm outro after all of this vigorous melody is truly genius. Like the aftermath of a storm.
But perhaps most importantly @jenniferrr16 hates whenever I talk about this song and that's truly magical.

I don't know if you already know this guitarist but im pretty sure you'd like this type, from what I've seen through your choices of guitar covers, check this piece if you have time & give me an opinion if you'd ever try playing stuff like this! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NU5R7kaLdSU

Sweet, he has complicated techniques that I haven't learned yet.
He mastered slide picking while I just started to practice it, and generally, he's more skilled than I am.
Maybe one day I'd do a cover like that when I have enough skills and learned enough techniques.
Good choice.

Please watch this ): Very cool https://youtu.be/5cA1HoME5B0 If you subscribe the channel, I promise to give you 500 likes ask.fm ? Answer "Done"

I actually listen to a lot of cover artists on youtube. And i listened to your take on the song, and quite liked it. And also i am learning to play thw guitar and i appreciate all the guitarist out there..
You can like my answers if you find them interesting otherwise you can skip that part :')

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