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thoughts RN ??

SaBa Sardar
Its really sad to see how things are getting worse between two nations day by day and people who are escalating this don't know how big this matter is mostly people who are making this matter even worse influencing thier fans and audience are rich and wealthy believe me when war is going to start they're gonna run for their lives and who's gonna suffer behind middle class and poor people, my point is war isn't solution for this dialouge and mutual agreement is and people who are making memes and asking for war on both sides just think about your families and loved ones war isn't something you should embrace ik some people are going to bash me for this that imma coward and some Indian will say pak asked for it shifting blame ain't gonna solve it and when i see what happened to Afghanistan and Syria and many other countries that have been in war so many innocent lives were lost just because of ego and wrong decisions i hope our leaders will make a sensiable decision in this matter.

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