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After a 4 years of relationship, she put me in a situation where either i had to accept her Terms or the relationship will end. One the term was that i won’t convince her for marriage for next 3/4 years. I declined! After we ended the relationship she got engaged in 3/4 months and is now married.

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Maybe she's looking for a better option or she had a better option than you. so yeah that's why she put you in a situation where either you accept her terms and conditions or reject them.
Agr ap uski terms and conditions accept kr b lety tu wo koi new condition ly ati bcz Jb ap relationship nibhana he nhi chahty or blame khud pr lena b nhi chahty tu phr terms and conditions ka silsala chalta rehta hai 😉
Wesay b aksr terms and conditions pr rishty survive nhi kerty hain 😊
So khush raho 😊


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