Ask @KainatMohsin:

What is life???? #bored

Life (n.)
1) An extremely prolonged period where you are expected to go on as long as God wants. You see, it's called hit and trial. You can die in a car accident or of a disease or by bumping into a wall, which could later be termed as puncture in the internal organs and what not. But even then, some homosapians prefer to live as if dead, which can actually happen just so easly, like killing a mosquito. So it's a phenomenon to live in,

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Who's your favorite author? And why?

My favorite author is Shakespeare. As even today, the complexity of his sonnets and plays put many descriptions of it to shame, and I find myself very much incapable to fathom his work. I guess that's the point to his marvelous work; anyone who reads it, have his own version. Well, there are many more authors of grace, like Darwin, Emily Bronte, John Green, Stephanie Meyer, George Orwell, Arthur Conan Doyle, W. Wordsworth, Paula Hawkins, G. R. R. Martin etc.

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There is this guy on, who's fucking lunatic. He keeps on pinging girls for physical & strength competition. On not responsing he calls them coward. But on consideration, actual coward is he himself. He can't even show his real identity nor challenge to a boy. What's your view on this?

Name the guy and ask the people you know to block him for the following reason. If people are sane, they would surely block him. 👍

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