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How do you feel about AI? Is it fascinating or scary?

Ssars’s Profile PhotoSyed Sibtain Ali
In my opinion, Artificial Intelligence will be one of the important technological innovations in the near future, and possibly the end of humanity as we know it as well. AI is extremely useful for simulations and innovation, but when we progress AI to near-human levels, we face many problems, as doing that will essentially create an entirely new species of life. I have high hopes for AI, but that entails taking the steps to get AI on our good side. As for if AI is worth creating, I think it will be an amazing boon even if they become more advanced than us, as we will become better for creating higher beings.

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How many real ones u got?

ibnadam5’s Profile PhotoAHAD
You will never ever know what is in people's hearts until you experience cross roads with these people. Until you are in the fire with any and every single person you meet, you have ZERO idea what they will do for or against you. What does this mean? Do not trust anyone. If you need a Counselor, hire one. Be patient, with a lot of time everyone shows you their true colors.
Over the years I have learned this lesson the brutal way. I can tell you this, you will be shocked who stands with you during the storm. And you will be shocked who disregards you at the first tiny bit of trouble.
Love people. But wait to offer this love. Not everyone is worthy.

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Money or love?

Abzquad’s Profile PhotoA.Ahad
It is possible to survive without the chemical reaction called love but unfortunately you can't live without money due to the fact that you won't be able to buy food, clothes and also rent a house or an apartment to live in.
Before anyone says that there are homeless shelters and all that stuff, I have to say, do you look up to living life in a homeless shelter?
Ultimately, it is better to be rich and miserable than poor and miserable.
I may be lonely but money can buy me more opportunies of esctasy, excitement, and life exploration.
Time to embrace the real world.

How can one help their friends who are physically harming themselves? Tried everything from taking them to therapy to spending as much as time with them. Please no harsh comments really need sincere advice.

exxahnoor’s Profile PhotoIzzah Noor
Self-harm is one of those behaviours that people fall into for a variety of different reasons. Usually, the best way to help someone that self-harms is to address the root of the problem and help them deal with their negative emotions in a different way. A quick Google search will give you tons of self-harm alternatives.
That said, self-harm is a tool, a symptom of a problem that whoever is self-harming doesn’t know how to deal with, so asking them to stop is usually not helpful if it’s part of a coping mechanism.
Some people do it because they want to hurt themselves, because they feel they deserve the pain; or because they want to hurt others by making them feel guilty. Usually, because they need help and can’t express it.
As a friend it’s hard to help. It depends very much on how close you are to them and whether they’ll be comfortable talking to you about their reasons.Trying to offer advice to someone who’s not ready to take it is usually a bad idea. Making them feel listened to is far more valuable than trying to problem solve.

As my last point, don’t be afraid to ask them if they’ve thought about suicide. Asking about suicide does not increase their likelihood of going through with it, but it gives you a much better idea of their state of mind. If you think they may be seriously considering it, reach out to someone who can help them. They may or may not consider it a betrayal, but saving their life is worth the risk.
Thank you for being a good friend, I hope they get through it as painlessly as possible.

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Can a woman say no to his spouse for intercourse?

A woman should comply with the needs of her husband. This is based on a hadith of the Prophet PBUH:
“When a man calls his wife to come to his bed and she refuses and does not come to him and he spends the night angry, the angels curse her till the morning.” (Imam al-Nawawi said this hadith is evidence that it is prohibited for a wife to refuse her husband without any excuse)
There are times in syarak when the husband is prohibited from having intercourse with his wife and this is known as syar’ie excuse. Among them are:
1- First: Due to menstruation. So true is the statement of Allah SWT:
"And do not approach them until they are pure."
2-Analogically deduced with menstruation, which is during nifas (vaginal bleeding due to childbirth).
3-Due to an illness and she is unable to fulfil her husband’s needs physically.
4-It can harm her. This means, that if said that intercourse can harm and hurt her, then it is permissible for her to refuse the invite from her husband.
5-If the wife is performing a syarak obligation such as obligatory prayer or fast, then, it is her right to refuse her husband at the time. However, give the excuse lovingly and with respect to her husband.

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Thoughts on cousin marriages?

Allow? Yes
Encourage? Cousin marriages are allowed in Islam. Cousin marriages are neither encouraged in Islam, nor are they preferred
Cousin marriage was allowed and practised in the pre-Islamic period and even during the Islamic period. One of the main reasons was; they couldn’t travel a lot to search for a bride or a groom.
They found it easier to get their children married to someone they knew their whole life, instead of exploring and stuff as they were much isolated and lived in smaller groups compared to the rest of the world.
Today, science says cousins marrying has a higher risk of genetic errors in children. Cool. Simple solution, stop marrying your cousins. Islam doesn’t say “IF YOU DON’T MARRY YOUR COUSINS YOU ARE COMMITTING A SIN.”
There’s even a hadith in which Umar (radi) speaks to someone:
Ibn Abi Mulaykah reported: Umar ibn al-Khattab, may Allah be pleased with him, said to the house of Al-Sa’ib, “You have become frail, so marry intelligent people unrelated to you.”
This very well shows that cousin marriage is allowed but generally disliked (makruh) and the same was believed and practised even during Muhammad (pbuh)’s period.
Conclusion: Have faith in religion, advance in science.

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Are tattoos halal or haram?

WajeehaNauman’s Profile PhotoWajeehaa
Peace and blessings be upon you,
Indeed tattoos are not allowed in Islam, due to 2 reasons,
The first being that according to Islamic belief, your body is a gift from Allah, and no matter how you look, it is already in the best shape possible, so long as you take care of it, as commanded,
Like all gifts given by Allah, you will be asked about it and held accountable for how you've used or abused it and what for,
That vessel your soul inhabits is on consignment to you till the day you die, it does not belong to you,
To be buried upon your death, broken down and used by other creatures of God as he intended,
If you borrow your friend's car for example, it's not very polite to give it back with a scratched door or a broken mirror,
The second reason has to do with the core pillar of Islam,
The word Islam means giving in, accepting and embracing what God decrees,
Your body, your mind, where you were born and to whom, everything Allah has seen fit to give to or withhold from you,
They are all part of something we Muslims know as “Rezq”,
One must accept and try one's hardest to content themselves with one's Rezq,
And while it's Muslim belief that there's no escaping yours, To deny your Rezq is to deny what Allah has decreed for you, is to go against the core of Islam,
Getting your body marked for any personal reason is a clear denial of the body you had been gifted and therefore the will of Allah,
I will end by stating that all sins committed before becoming Muslim are forgiven once you have converted, As long as none are committed from the moment your true intent for converting sparks inside you until you actually do,
So you're not required to make an effort to remove any tattoos you already have if you're intending to become a Muslim,
So long as you repent and never do it again.
Better answers with citations from the holy Qur'an and Hadith can be found if you do some research online,
Hope this helped in any way,
Peace be upon you.

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Is it fair for us to be neglected like this? How would you react if the people you value, ignore you? (Answer both questions)

mohammadktahir’s Profile PhotoMohammad Khuzaima
Q1- You address it with them by using this new very complicated program called “.communication”! You cannot have Unspoken Expectations and as well you can’t expect anyone to know what’s going on inside their minds if we haven’t communicated that to them clearly. Give them their space, either something within them is just not right right now or they’re bothered by something you did. Give it time, let the faulty surface then go from there.
Q2- Before i answer this . Please ask yourself these questions :—
Who is that person ? (Importance)
Does your presence or absence make any change to that person?
Is he/she really ignoring you ?
You do something that is making him/her ignore you ?
Okay now let's answer your question.
The best thing to do is ignore that person ! Honestly bring yourself some mental peace .. stop checking on that person . Stop sending messages , even if you feel like replying , give dry responses .
Get busy . It is the best solution . Start working on your life , think about your goals and work on them .
Think of the future … I mean ask yourself will this person (or his/her texts) matter to me in the coming 5 years of my life . If not then move on .
Lastly life is small , look for people who hype you up and make you feel good .. hope this helps :)

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-who are you ?

dokhtarafghan123’s Profile Photo-mademoiselle
I'm Hafiza Hifza Zafar.
I can't give a one word answer.
I'm a student, a professional, a dietitian. I'm a painter, an artist, a chef , a lover, and a fighter.
I'm different to different people, and I compartmentalise my life and my personality to keep everything working. I'm young enough to not quite know who I am yet. Every time it starts to feel like I do, I seem to find something new.
I'm confident in who I am. I make no attempt to fit in, pretend, or change myself to fit the whims of another. I treat people with respect and kindness, but not at the expense of myself.
I'm happy. Truly, consistently, and purely happy. I can feel sad, I can feel stressed, but overall I feel really good.
I'm the jack of all trades. I know a little bit about a lot of things, and I'm always ready to learn more. I'm open minded, sometimes too much.
I'm here for a good time, I'm here to be happy; hopefully I can help others along the way. Life is a party. It's difficult, it's dangerous, and oftentimes it's overwhelming, but there's no place I'd rather be.
I'm lucky.

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Facts about your Zodiac Sign?

Taehunghh’s Profile PhotoLasagna
There are some really long answers on this question. That in itself says a lot about the sign of the Fish.
Pisces are different. They're different because the Zodiac system is a Karmic cycle where every sun sign represents a birth in a certain phase of life. Pisces represents the absolution at the stage of death. And that's why Pisceans are known to have unearthly wisdom (or unearthly stupidity, depending on the observer).
Pisces is a soul that has traveled this world in all the other Zodiac signs in their past life, and they thus have the ability to summon qualities from any of the 12 zodiac signs at will.
They could be as fierce as Aries. As patient as Taurus. As quick as Gemini. As nurturing as Cancer. As majestic as Leo. As understanding as Virgo. As balanced as Libra. As mysterious as Scorpio. As wise as Sagittarius. As practical as Capricorn. As free as Aquarius. And their own psychic wisdom of being peaceful and nonjudgmental.
But the sad thing is, if they can call upon the good qualities from all signs, they're also pestered by the insecurities and problems from all the 12 zodiac signs. And that makes life really hard for a Piscean soul.
If you have Piscean friends, just appreciate them every day and keep telling them that they're special. They'll love you for life....

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What is something you are passionate about?

addyrak’s Profile PhotoAdnan
-Education, always learning and growing, accepting when you're wrong, mentorship, self-directed study, growth mindsets, many facets of intelligence not just one number, teaching, books, cultural awareness etc
-Equality for all people in rights and privileges, not pressuring people to fit stereotypes, openness to the experience of another, tolerance of differences
-Mental health, positive self-image, supporting people with different or malfunctioning brains, depression, ending stigma, early diagnosis and open access to treatment.

Something you'd never do in life ???

rafayarslan12’s Profile Photoرافع قریشی
-Don’t compare yourself with anyone. You and the rest are so different, that when you realize it, a comparison won’t even be possible.
-Don’t force someone to be in your life. Let them go, if they want to.
-Don’t let anyone make you feel badly about yourself. Always know your good things and your flaws. Accept them. Correct them. Or don’t correct them. But don’t let anyone else capitalize on them.
-Don’t waste your time by stalking someone or checking people’s ‘last seen’ on WhatsApp. If they want to talk to you, they will. If they don’t, they won’t, even in a hundred years.

What u do all day

Wake up at 4am.
4–7am: Have a glass of warm water with black seeds, recite Quran, workout session, Prepare breakfast.
11-2:00pm: household chores like dusting, washing your utensils, preparing lunch etc
4:00-6:00pm: Work from home / reading books
6:00-8:00: Family time
9:00-10:00: workout session
11:00:Make videos for my YouTube channel and IGTV. Writing/chilling/replying to messages/Instagram/ask (and sessions with Clients)

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