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What's your escape from reality?

Samad12345’s Profile Photoعزازيل
There is nothing to do, say, think, prove, change, keep, accomplish or escape in this life. you cant escape life because you are life. People talk about delusion as if there is something to be done about delusion, delusion is still part of the fundamental process that is happening of itself. True spirituality is flowing with the tide, not against it because you are the tide.

What is the most important thing you've learned in life?

haya30435’s Profile Photohaya
Take care of the people who love you and care for you unconditionally , Your parents. You’re getting busier but that doesn’t mean you cannot spare five minutes to those who spent years to make you who you are today. Appreciate and try to be there

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A behaviour that's an immediate red flag for you 🚩

princess567l’s Profile PhotoMiss Multiverse
-Proclivity for talking bad about others
-Never taking responsibility and blaming others
-Not apologizing when they ought to
-Financially irresponsible
-Emotional instability and/or volatility
Exaggerating achievements or accolades.
-Behaviour that disregards the safety of others

What is beauty??

aniqanawaz’s Profile Photoaniqanawaz
In my opinion, a person's inner thoughts and how they perceive things, either positively or negatively, reflect their beauty. The beauty of an individual is shaped by their mindset and the scope of their thoughts.
For instance, one person may find beauty in a pleasant personality and an attractive face. Another might define beauty based on physical appearance. To a mother, her child embodies the essence of beauty, while a beggar's concept of beauty may revolve around securing scarce food.
Ultimately, beauty is what brings relaxation when seen or felt. The saying "beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder" holds true because it hinges on an individual's unique perception.

Whats the difference between * Shia* & * Sunni* ? (10-8-23/2:21 pm)

shinny7’s Profile PhotoFaria Malik
Initially, the main difference between Shia and Sunni Muslims revolved around the question of leadership after the Prophet Muhammad's death. Shia favored family lineage, Sunni preferred consultation. In reality, the difference was only political and not religious. But over time, differences expanded to include theology, law, and rituals, due to extremist tendencies on both sides, their differences have now spread over to aspects of Islamic belief as well.

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