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I wish he would answer my calls more

Dump him, because he isn’t clearly making any effort into the relationship

Call me when you're ready to talk... you know the number

If you are one of my ex boyfriends, fuck off

Today I found a pic of you I sat and held it with all my night knowing that I have no other choice and it’s because of my life’s choices that made it as it is I love you though it was you that brought light in my life before you was hell but I must let go for you anything my love anything

💀 wtf

I don't even want you anymore so idk why I'm bothering I honestly hate you but also honestly am still in love with you. Yet you don't care about my feelings, so ill just move on with my life eventually. Please never come back around me, you made your bed so lay in it

💀 bruh Idek you

My boyfriend has an ex-wife but won’t tell me anything about the marriage. He says he’s “over her” but is constantly hiding his phone. There’s a crib in the spare bedroom yet he says it’s for his niece. I think he’s lying.

Honestly, I would find the right time to confront him about it. I would help you get answers as to why he is acting the way he is. If he tries to make excuses, then your better off without him. You deserve better, no man should ever treat their girlfriend like that.

Why does a guy not share anything with me but yet we’ve talked for 4 months

Give it time, he will eventually open up. Take things slow

Have you ever eaten at Casa Bonita off of Hwy 40 (W Colfax) in Lakewood? Foods okay, but the ambience is 2nd to none, I'm told.


My dad graduated from the Colorado school of Mines in Golden, CO. Is that near you?

I don’t live in golden soooo yeah


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