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Are you an equestrian athlete?

I don’t compete if that’s what you are asking, most equestrian sports aren’t for me. More of a happy hacker but I do like doing dressage when at work. I prefer to be on the ground working and building connections with them than being on their back. I have a cousin who show jumps but I am more of a long rein/lunge and natural horsemanship type of equestrian :)

What are your hobbies and how did you get into them? 🧑‍🎨⚽️🛹🎤🎮📖

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl (Only Dutch And English)
Equestrian- got into it when I lived in Germany
Art- always loved drawing and doodling, most recently digital painting
Photography and Videography- love of nature and my YouTube channel

That’s a cool birthday to have! And that’s awesome! Chief one of my horses birthday is May 6th😂😁 I’ve known a couple who have birthdays in may too😁

kaylaraspolich’s Profile PhotoKayla Raspolich
No worries, I celebrate my pet's birthdays, too. 🐈🐕🐠 I saw on your pic that you're an equestrian! My Grandmother was a very accomplished & well-known equestrian back in the day when she was young. She never went one single day of her life without taking at least a short ride, even when she was sick or injured or something. She *adored* her horses!❤🐴🏇
+3 answers in: “When is or when was your golden birthday?”

I know it's an older video, but I just watched your video about your struggle with mental illness, and I wanted to say thank you for posting it & sharing it. I wish I was as brave as you. I always feel so alone in my mental illness (and alone in the equestrian social media community in general).

Thank you! Never feel alone, there’s a lot more people struggling with mental illness in the horse community and in general than you’d think! Lots of people are just really good at hiding it

Hilo Jillian. So I’ve got a question...do you think I, as a rider with at least 6 years of riding experience, (I’ve never leased a horse tho) should buy a horse straight away or just lease and try it out? My parents seem to want to buy but I’m not sure. -a random equestrian

that is really a decision for you your trainer and your parents, I don’t know your situation well enough to be able to give a well-informed answer, I got my horse when I was very young and had it been riding for very long, he was very safe and had done everything more than 20 times, LOL so it really depends on what kind of horse you’re looking for and if the horses you find have a lease option

What's the difference between a hunter and jumper and equestrian. And how are there saddles different

Hunters are jumping courses over plain, natural looking jumps. They're judged on how well the horse does the course and basically how "pretty" it looks. Jumpers are jumping courses over jumps with stripes poles. They're judged on how fast they go through the course and how many penalties or "dropped rails" they have. Jumper courses are typically more challenging with one strides, roll backs, bending lines, and stuff like that. Hunter courses are simple. Typically quarter line, outside line, diagonal line, outside line, diagonal line. Hunters are slower and are focused on getting the right striding to fences. An equestrian is basically a term for a horseback rider. And there's no saddle difference really.

Raleigh is the most toxic part of the equestrian youtubers and it literally pains me to see people blindly follow her.

Yeah it's honestly dangerous for people to blindly believe anyone but some of the stats she cites and things she says could honestly get people really hurt and some of her subs are actually full on brain washed

I don't think you copy Jill at all?? The only thing I noticed you have in common is an intro thingy but she actually started doing that after you anyways? (Not that I'm sayin she's copying, lots of people have those intros)

Thanks for saying that. With the amount of equestrian youtubers out there it's impossible for videos to not seem similar I guess haha.

I know you are looking for vid suggestions so i think it would be fun if you did another comedy type video like short equestrian problems ( rider stereotypes, short equestrian problems pt 2, what horses think or something like that) I also think you could do a go pro video, you haven't down one cont

question continued: Of those in a while, you could do one of your jumping lesson and you wouldn't have to sit down and talk to the camera! Just some ideas! I love you so much I really want to try Eventing because of you 💕💕💕💕❤❤❤❤❤
I have two comedy videos planned out, I just have to film them!! And I'm planning on doing go pro videos once I can start jumping riv again which should be soon!! ❤️

(1) i just wanted to take a moment to say that of all the current equestrian youtubers, you are the only one that i find a true pleasure to watch. you are so well-rounded in your horse knowledge, so open-minded and accepting of other's opinion and offer advice without condemning. you're talented yet

(2) humble. you are encouraging to your peers, brilliant with your subscribers and most of all it is so blatantly obvious how much work you have put into not just your channel, but zoe also. i hope to see you posting for years to come - im positive you will have a big future in anything you do!!
thank you. that means so much to me you don't event understand, honestly I don't know what more to say than thank you and thtat that kind of encouragement is what keeps me going💗💗💗

Op on everyone that "loves horses" and then they get a job or start college and just completely bail on their equestrian life and horses, to party and go out all the time instead (like hayyyitsmaya and theresa moser and so many others)

Oh my freaking god I'm not bailing on my equestrian life, horses are still my #1 priority and all of my new friends.. They're aware of it too 😂 I think it's super sad when people have to quit riding but as I've grown older I've learned the hard way that riding is so expensive and time consuming and without a well paid job it's so hard to support financially.
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Op on everyone that "loves horses" and then they get a job or start college and just completely bail on their equestrian life and horses, to party and go out all the time instead (like hayyyitsmaya and theresa moser and so many others)

It's a business. Selling a horse isn't wrong. It's more responsible to find your horse a better home than to neglect it and not use it. Yeah it's sad, but it's not wrong. If you want to buy a fun horse and keep it forever then go for it, but don't judge the people who treat it as a business. Horses will adjust. That's like saying that parents shouldn't have kids if they intend on sending them to college. It's a huge financial commitment and it's so much more responsible to rehome your horse if you know you can no longer give them the best life. Stop hating on these people just because you don't understand the financial business side of things.
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Op on everyone that "loves horses" and then they get a job or start college and just completely bail on their equestrian life and horses, to party and go out all the time instead (like hayyyitsmaya and theresa moser and so many others)

If you love horses then you wouldn't be a moron and bail on university or make horses a priority and fail your courses lol. Horses will always be around but if you just sit on your ass and don't get a good job then maybe you don't love your horses as much as you think if you're not doing what's the best long term financially. You aren't a better horse person just because you put horses above school and friends, in fact id say that's worse because balance is key and if you think it's a badge of honour to ditch friends and school for your horses then you'll be very lonely and uneducated

I honestly don't understand how anyone takes Raleigh seriously. She looks like such an idiot now. Like is she an equestrian or a wanna be beauty guru who just looks like a martian?? Between the wigs and the lipstick idk what's worse??

I can pretty much guarantee that her entire fan base is either under 18 or if they are adults, they're the type of vegan people who want to believe something so badly that they'll buy into anything that follows their agenda

Jak zostać ambasatorem lub testerem naprzykład tej paszy dla koni Masters lib Eq Blankets? :D jestem ciekawa. Czy zarabia się coś na tym czy po prostu dostaje się rzeczy od nich za darmo?

Nic na tym nie zarabiam. Na produkty Equestrian Blankets miałam zniżki, jeden T-shirt dostałam za darmo na początek współpracy. Jeśli chodzi o Masters - również nie dostaje niczegonza darmo. Mam darmową wysyłkę pasz, dostałam kilka gadżetów (torba, kubek, długopis), dostaję do każdego zamówienia masę próbek i czasami mam jakieś fajne promocje, ale nie myślcie, że na tym się zarabia, szczególnie gdy się jest taką szarą myszą jak ja.

hey everyone! the equestrian world is full of rude people who only bring others down:( i want to change that! im going to send everyone equestrian users(on ask) and you can respond with something positive about them, their horse, or their riding. if you don't want to participate just reply no(:

That is an amazing idea!

hey everyone! the equestrian world is full of rude people who only bring others down:( i want to change that! im going to send everyone equestrian users(on ask) and you can respond with something positive about them, their horse, or their riding. if you don't want to participate just reply no(:

I'd love to help spread some positivity!

Raleigh,this is not hate,but I'm wondering what your thoughts are behind this.In your video,"Riding is not vegan",you say that you are an equestrian if you don't ride your horse but have a bond w/ them.But in"equestrian wimps",you say that your aren't a true equestrian unless you've fallen 20 times.

If you ride and want to call yourself an equestrian then you have to fall off. If you don't ride but have a bond with the horse then you are an equestrian. I classify them in two different groups
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There is an equestrian on Instagram who was in two big movies I'm so jealous and now you are going to be on a tv show that's not fair :(

i'm actually not doing the show anymore; basically we all just decided it's not the best move for us.
but just a tip there, being jealous of what others have will never help your life quality improve in anyway, I can't speak for everyone but I myself have worked very hard to produce quality content and be religious about posting and making an effort to connect with my followers and do what I can to grow my account on my social media platforms. You can have it to you just have to work at it don't just sit back and be mad that other people are getting opportunities

I have 3 questions.... lol ok so i have now bought my first horse and he bucks and i've tried to not put so much weight on when jumping but he still bucks what shall i do? Another question is how long was River racing for? and this isnt really a question but please may i have a shout out?? :) <3

It's hard to tell why a horse is bucking without seeing it. So if I were you I would consult your trainer or another equestrian for help that can be there and watch. And I believe at Rivers last race was when he was a four year old.

thoughts on uploading something so attention seeking and triggering to an EQUESTRIAN youtube channel ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uz2jvA1STc

first off if you knew anything about therese or people with depression, that is not attention seeking behavior at all. that is a plea for some leniency and a statement of what she's been going through. just because it's a horse YouTube channel doesn't mean she's not allowed to do what she wants with it..? she's allowed to update us on her life and what's going on and if you actually cared about her you wouldn't be so upset that she uploaded such a personal video to her horse channel. I think it takes an insane amount of bravery to talk about things like that, I wish her the best and I hope that this alleviated something for her and perhaps assuaged some of the pain of depression. also there's a trigger warning if you are triggered by the content in the title or in the description don't watch the video at that point it's not her responsibility what we do and don't do

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thoughts on uploading something so attention seeking and triggering to an EQUESTRIAN youtube channel ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uz2jvA1STc

If you think mental illness is attention seeking then please get off the internet and go reevaluate yourself as a person. Would you tell someone with cancer that they're attention seeking by sharing their struggle with their followers? It's her channel and it's up to HER to decide what to put on it. If you're going to make someone feel bad about talking about an illness that they struggle with every day, then you're honestly an atrocious human being. 1 in 5 people struggle with some type of mental illness. Suicide is like the number 10 cause of death and it's entirely preventable. People like you are the exact type who often push people to committing suicide because you make people feel like they need to silence their struggle to avoid burdening others. You should be ashamed of yourself. Stop being so selfish and realize that if someone is struggling and brace enough to share it, the only place you have is as a listener or supporter and if you're unwilling to do that then quite frankly, you don't deserve to enjoy Therese's channel because you clearly only care about her as a form of entertainment and not as a person. Disgusting.

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thoughts on uploading something so attention seeking and triggering to an EQUESTRIAN youtube channel ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uz2jvA1STc

She put a trigger warning on it. I haven't watched the video just Bc it is a trigger for me to talk about anxiety and depression and all that stuff but it's her channel and she can upload what she want. I admire her for uploading this and telling her story. It takes a lot of gut and something that should be more talked about

Martingales aren't that tight... it's a piece of equipment and you can only use them to a certain height. I get that you're trying to help the equestrian world but we aren't abusing our horse :))

Where did I ever call it horse abuse, Captain Drama ™ ? It must fun to make up your own arguments. People often do fit them too tight and it's still really dumb to jump in them but hey, you do you. A standing martingale is the English version of a tie down so if you need one every time you ride it does say a lot about you as a rider ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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jill, i just want to say that you really inspire me. I wish i could start an equestrian youtube as amazing as yours. you push me to be a better rider and your videos really help me learn a lot. I would not have tried a hackamore if not for you! and my horse really enjoyed it! keep doing you :)

oh my god my heart you are so sweet😂😂 you absolutely can do youtube! just start filming and go at it! im glad i could help in anyway(:
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Tag your equestrian inspiration if they have ask! (If they don't then just tag some people that you admire)

Dear Denny Emerson and Michael Jung, please get ask so I can talk to you thx
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How did your mom get into horses ? Didn't you just move like 5 years ago to Florida.. what made her decide to open a barn

When I began taking lessons, she wanted to as well. She grew up riding western in Delaware (she would visit every month bc my grandpa was born and raised there) and they would take the family horses out to be ridden. So when I started riding English, it gave her the spark to try it. We bought our first pony (a large so we could both ride it) and the passion grew from there. When we made the move from NY to FL, she had just bought Kaz and I had Tootsie at the time. We moved to a few barns in Jupiter before my mom decided that the levels of care and prices just didn't add up. She knew of a bunch of people who felt the same. With the help of my grandparents (who currently have 2 horses at the barn) we opened Riverbend Equestrian Center and began taking boarders around May 2014. That's when I decided to move Tootsie there from Charlie Moorcroft's barn in wellington and I spent the summer riding her at my mom's barn. I didn't show at all or do much that summer. It wasn't until I tried Donny at Castlewood that following September that I got back into showing. Almost 3 years later, the barn has blossomed into a safe space for equestrians, a zen place to relax, and most importantly, a home for our beloved horses.

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I'm starting to go off riding because my horse is awful all the time and misbehaves a lot (because his saddle doesn't fit properly, I think - but I can't afford a new one). I love the sport and the horses but can't handle the behaviour being so bad, any tips for re-motivating myself? :(

paintedbays’s Profile PhotoJess Bethune
I toooootally feel this girl. I'm pretty sure every equestrian has at least one time. just gotta keep on keeping on. persistence is EVERYTHING. trust me, the spark is still there..it'll get better! maybe sell your saddle then use the money from that to get a new one??

If you went to a public school would you ever wear your navy base layer to school?? I honestly think they're the cutest things ever and totally would but my other equestrian friends are like "it's riding clothes u don't wear them to school..."😁😁

omg I wear horse clothes everywhere haha I love it. I totally would, those base layers are so so so flattering ;-)
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Hey, do you know of any good jacket brands other than animo, CT and spooks? (Preferably cheaper than the first two listed)😊

Well I did get my animo jacket off eBay for sooo cheap. So I recommend having a look on eBay because everything is so much cheaper! But there is also manfredi jackets that are amazing (idk the prices tho haha) and they are for sale at Arlington Equestrian (fb search them). Hope this helps😜

Game Day #17: Get to know the vidder game! More here: http://ask.fm/editingfunzone/answers/140861947659 have fun ^^

editingfunzone’s Profile PhotoEditing Fun Zone
- What is your name?
► Katerina.
- Where are you from?
- When is your birthday?
►5th of December.
- What is your zodiac sign?
► Sagittarius
- What is your favorite color?
►Black and white. Separately.
- How tall are you?
► 1.74
- Favorite song?
►The Weeknd – The Hills
- Favorite movie?
►'The Green Mile' and 'Seabiscuit'
- Do you have any pets?
►Yep, a cat and a dog. :)
- Baths or showers?
- How many pillows do you sleep with?
►It depends on where i sleep. Two or one.
- What do you typically have for breakfast?
►Tea and sandwiches or porridge.
- Favorite swear word?
►There's no equivalent in English. Russian swearing is the greatest thing. But i swear a lot.
- Do you have any scars?
- Do you want a church wedding?
►Nope. I don't get it.
- Do you have a strong accent?
►I have an awful accent when i'm speaking english, hahah.
- Left or right handed?
► Right.
- Favorite foreign food?
►Sushi and rolls
- Are you a clean or messy person?
► 50-50
- Are you a gossip?
► No.
- What color is your hair?
►Dark brown.
- What color are your eyes?
- Do you like long or short hair?
►Depends on my mood. No i have more short hair than long.
- Best dramatic movie you've seen?
►The Green Mile
- Do you like your own name?
- Do you want a boy a girl for a child?
► Both. I wan 2 kids. :)
- Color of your bedspread?
►Snow leopard skin (not real!)
- What are you strengths?
►I can handle everything in my life by my own. Never looking back and always move on.
- What are your weaknesses?
►My kindness and trustfulness. People use it.
- Color of your room?
- First celebrity crush?
►Jared Leto (it was loooooong time ago...)
- Who are your idols?
► My mom.
- Favorite sport?
► Equestrian sport
- Extrovert or introvert?
► 70% of introvent and 30% for extrovert.
- What was your last text message?
► 'WFT?' hahah
- What is your favorite fruit?
► Watermelon
- Do you smoke? If so, what?
►Very rare. Only when i'm drunk.
- Do you drink?
► Yes...
- What's your favorite alcoholic beverage?
► Whiskey and champagne
- Favorite book?
►All books by Stephen King.
- What was your favorite cartoon when you were younger?
► Spirit: the stallion of the cimarron.
- Do you believe in love at first sight?
- What are some words that you live by? Why?
►Everyone owes nothing to nobody.
- What is something most people don't know about you?
►I'm fucking beautiful.

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Game Day 17 Get to know the vidder game More here

Idk why people critcize you and say you´re spoiled when you´re actually a self made equestrian and you deserve a ton of praise and I admire you and think that you are amazing and you shouldn´t believe all the haters that say mean things. You are so cool. And an accomplished and amazing equestrian.

Ahh thank you so so much :)

tbh you are so amazing and I'm loving your ask. i would like dm you but I'm a nobody who's trying to make it in the equestrian world.

Aw thank you babe!! Nooo you aren't, Dm me anytime I'd love to talk to ya
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Smartpak piper breeches and a riding shirt :))) so awesome Christmas haha and now I'm otw to my grandparents

That's awesome!! I'm apposite haha. I got literally nothing equestrian wise 😂.
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Gosh, I'd love to be rich like you. You have all of this money to just SPEND on horse things. Why don't you give some up for once?

I'm so sorry that you think I'm rich, or if I came off that way. I would like to have loads of money to just spend on horse items, but I do not. Now, I am not one of those underdogs, who are poor, and make it big time, nor am I a super rich equestrian getting the best lessons money can buy. I am simply an average human being, I pay for everything, buying my car+everything in it, horses, shows, board, etc.. This year I am living in a cabin made for two people pushing the limit of five in the household. I am building a house, but we aren't really celebrating Christmas this year, due to lack of space. We are getting some presents, but that is not what Christmas is about. Instead of decorating, baking, opening, etc... I did a service project. A friend in my hometown was struggling with money, so I decided to step up my game and tell her to make a wish list. I spent $150 on her, (using my paycheck) and I am feeling great. I hope you and your family are having a wonderful holiday! xx

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I don't understand how you don't get sponsors. Do you enter sponsorship contests or approach businesses? You should. You do well out and have a huge media personality

Thanks heaps anon, idk I think it may be because SA is fairly small and only has a few businesses and they tend to sponsor 2*+ riders, or riders that have been known in the eventing community for years. Also I think YouTube is fairly unknown to equestrian companies and stuffff. Also I'm a fairly inconsistent rider in the results and also sometimes in my riding, and I don't really feel that 'professional' haha

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