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How do you react on receiving toxic anonymous questions on here? Are you the type to answer it sardonically to antagonize the questioner or do you just delete and ignore it? 😈😇

I’m not to proud to tell you I asked Siri the definition of sardonic. Not bad comet. You are a wordsmith along with the other plethora of talents you have.
As far as the question, I usually engage in busting the questioners chops in hopes to shame them into stopping with nonsensical posts.
I do not engage when the posts are seriously vulgar or involve predatory behaviors.
I find this site unique and valuable because of its ability to free people to engage anonymously and release thoughts they never felt they could. I don’t want evil minds destroying this for all of us.

What is the difference between love, friendship, infatuation and obsession? How many of these emotional states have you experienced and which ones are the least healthy and why?

> What is the difference between love, friendship, infatuation and obsession?
The difference may not be as perplexing as the measure of anguish or bewilderment in the questioner.
> How many of these emotional states have you experienced and which ones are the least healthy and why?
None and all. The why should be evident. One would hope.
What is the difference between love friendship infatuation and obsession   How

Do you struggle to understand Jokes?

Shannon678900’s Profile PhotoShannon ( Birthday Month )
I take the opportunity to warn against trying to joke with this questioner .
Shannon has absolute zero Kelvin, sense or capacity of humour .
*what did brown goat say to the black goat . . . . *
Do you struggle to understand Jokes

Could I ask if you know who or what "nazar" is who a questioner warned you is real? https://ask.fm/ArabiaYousaf/answers/171040268962

StephenInd’s Profile PhotoStephen Ind
Ohh it’s a concept in Islam.
Nazar or The evil eye is a term used to describe misfortune that is transmitted from one person to another out of jealousy or envy.
The misfortune of the victim may manifest as sickness, loss of wealth or family, or a streak of general bad luck.
Like for example you’re wearing really nice shoes right? and i tell you they look amazing, maybe i could wish i had the same too, a while later something’s gonna happen they’ll get stained or ripped etc you get me?
Hope that explains it.

Bekommst Du viele anonyme persönliche Fragen?

Bis her waren es hauptsächlich anonyme Shoutouts. Doch seit 2 Tagen explodieren die Zahlen an anonymen persönlichen Fragen. Es waren seit gestern Abend über 35 Fragen in englisch und noch einmal annähernd so viele Fragen in deutsch.
Liebe Leute, ich freue mich sehr und die meisten der Fragen sind auch inhaltlich sehr ansprechend und interessant. Gern würde ich sie alle beantworten. Doch beim besten Willen, ich kann das nicht leisten. Ich bräuchte dafür mehrere Tage und die Zeit habe ich einfach nicht zur Verfügung. Also nicht böse sein. Und noch eine Sache: ich mag Anonymität bis zu einer gewissen Grenze und kann verstehen, wenn sich manche Fragesteller so wohler fühlen. Doch nur anonyme persönliche Fragen zu stellen sollte eine Ausnahme bleiben, schon aus kommunikationspsychologischer Sicht. Habt keine Angst mir offen persönliche Fragen zu stellen. Ich stalke niemanden und nehme mir auch nicht das Recht heraus über andere Menschen und ihre Befindlichkeiten nur auf Grund einer oder weniger Fragen zu urteilen. Ich versuche mich in ein Thema, eine Frage hinein zu denken, sage was ich dazu denke und empfinde, bringe meine eigenen Erfahrungen und auch mein Fachwissen mit ein, immer in der Hoffnung, dass der Fragesteller etwas für sich persönlich mitnehmen kann und will. Mehr nicht.
Until now, they have mainly been anonymous shoutouts. But for 2 days, the numbers of anonymous personal questions have exploded. Since last night, there have been over 35 questions in English and once again nearly as many questions in German.
Dear people, I am very happy and most of the questions are also very appealing and interesting in terms of content. I would be happy to answer them all. But with the best will in the world, I can't do that. It would take me several days and I just don't have the time available. So don't be angry. And one more thing: I like anonymity to a certain limit and can understand when some questioners feel so comfortable. But only asking anonymous personal questions should remain an exception, already from a communication psychological point of view. Don't be afraid to ask me openly personal questions. I don't stalk anyone and don't take the right to judge other people and their sensitivities only on the basis of one or fewer questions. I try to think into a topic, a question, say what I think and feel about it, bring in my own experience and also my expertise, always in the hope that the questioner can and wants to take something with him personally. That's all.

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yaar come back on whatsapp main ek sec kay liay busy hova tha bus. sid! tumko jana ki bari jaldi thi? yahan per tu paaro paaro ker rahi thi aap wapas aein

there is another person sending me question and now am confused. i do not like people meddling in other person's thread like that. am if you are the real questioner but i will not reply back now. Tc!

I do delete some Questions which I only answered just to kill the curiousity of the questioner. Was it offensive to do so?

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Not at all, it's your blog and you don't even have to answer every question you receive in the first place, if you don't feel like it. You don't owe anyone on this website anything whatsoever.

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