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Ppl with dandruff problms their room their bed their clothes must be so dirty with all dead cells all about

If you think dandruff leaves dead cells you dont really know how much your body sheds dead cells of all of your skin everywhere everyday 😏😂

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What's your mother's most iconic phrase?

TheDollarBoy’s Profile PhotoMr. Freelancer
It either has to be:
"Mera kaleja paka kar kha lo"
Or when we were little
" Aag laga do in kitaboon ko phir ghar ko" 😂😂😂😂
Kinda terrified seeing how I've made trauma worthy lines for some in this current new generation into iconic funny phrases in my memory now 😂
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How to calm your anger?

Try imagining the broken hand you'll have after hitting a brick wall. Not while hitting it after hitting it. Does it satisfy you to see it

If you have ever witnessed an accident in your life, how did you handle yourself afterwards?

princess567l’s Profile PhotoMiss Multiverse
All adrenaline and somehow Allah helping in that time. Its rare to see the hand of fate at work but damn is it visible in those moments

Never arguing with a man who frequently wears white shalwar kameez and has a low calm tone. Whatever you say handsome.

Don't know it seems funny this late but it made me giggle 😂

Do u think ppl will buy custom hand painted leather jackets? Help me price it.

mahnoorjadoon7’s Profile Photo✨ E N C H A N T R E S S ✨
Definitely. Hell yes. Just price it 1.2x the price of the jacket and determine the median cost of your artistic work to make piece uniques. Go with a community based ultra low quantity exclusive high quality approach and market it firstly around renditions of artistic work of current popular IPs.
Also factor in the costs that you'll have to adjust for marketing and selling the product as well as shipping. In the final price breakdown should be something like this:
[1.2x leather jacket price + price of artistic labour (it should be in the 0.5 to 0.7x of the jacket costs if you wanna sell it cheap and 1.6-1.8x of the jacket cost if you want to sell it on the high end but for that make sure the leather jacket is pure quality leather) + Rs.500 for shipping and Rs.250 for marketing]
Then when you make the invoice just add the shipping again to the totalled price of the jacket which you'll only give the total price and not the breakdown and offer the buyer a Rs.500 off/discount for their first loyal purchase of your product.
You made them feel like there's a loyalty discount with you and you still have the cost accounted for in your invoice price.

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Literally, I felt so bad and was depressed because of what happened to that poor girl who was wearing Arabic language dress.

MuqdsRiz’s Profile PhotoMuqdsRiz
Let's dial the empathy meter down a little and target that more closer to those you actually love and care about most in your day to day life. Anyone with an IQ good enough to not fail a fifth grade exam felt upset


My 4am brain is intrigued and curious about this statement


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