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What do you think of yourself?

Once,i was telling my roommates the whole story of life till now,the pain,the fear,the loneliness,the hardships i went through.One of them said i thought your life was ideal.No,it is not what it seems.They literally wanted to hug me but i knew if i let them i would have cried.
I can’t believe it’s only just 20 years of my life and i have seen so much.
I am so proud of myself.I am so thankful to my parents for raising such a strong girl.♥️

Current thoughts 💭

AliAbbasi671’s Profile PhotoAli Abbasi
I was just listening to the song -Kabhi Tumhe of movie SherShaah and i got to know that the movie is based on a real love story and the girl never married and is still living on the memories of his man.
I watched their story,listened to each and every song of that movie too and i can’t stop crying .😭💔


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